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While I was in Infinity Motorcycles snapping away I couldn’t resist picking up a few things that I was looking for. Its nice that they always have a wide selection and they could probably get whatever your looking for very quickly. There were so many helmets but I was going to order a few online, then there were all the jackets and I held off on that as well, but I picked up the items that I usually don’t find so quickly.


  • Draggin Jeans
  • Oxford Maximizer 360T
  • Forcefield CE 2.0 Knee and Shin Armor (Very nice)
  • Optix Muck Off




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. draggin jeans are very hot for our summer

    i’ll be available Friday morning,, miss u guys ;*mwa ;*mwa ;*mwa

  2. monichum

    Zaiiiiiiiiiin. theba7tna bel shalaih. Inshala friday @ 6 n the morning we ride to catch up the good weather. Cool

  3. Corolla Man (AE86)

    This jeans for Monichum good for falling from bikes

  4. Ummm what those “Optix Muck Off” are used for?

  5. monichum

    Angelo: they are used to clean your helmet. i like it it’s CoOl

  6. Loca in Kuwait

    Can I confess something….. When I first glanced at your pic I thought you were showing us your fruit of the looms :””) hehhe uhm you see I just saw black with like a grey band sooooo I thought they were your boxers then I had to read and saw they were knee protectors.

  7. JoJo

    Jeans are actually not good for biking :

    1- They let air in ( hot air in summer & cold in winter)
    2- They are not tear resistant

    If at all they can be used as fassion on very slow crusing type bikes

    Highly not recommended for serious ridding

  8. vampire: I don’t care as long as they are protecting me! We riding more now!

    monichum: Damn we wake up early!

    Corolla Man! loool!

    Angelo: Cleans my helmet screen!

    Loca: hahaha! Thats hilarious!

    Lialy: They are made of Kevlar and other strong materials which makes it practically impossible to rip!

    JoJo: These are tear resistant jeans which kevlar lining in different parts, spefically made for riding. You can check out the website since they have CE certified protection at the knees and hips.

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