London Restaurants


After going to London a few times this is the list of restaurants which I do enjoy visiting, some are newer then others but still they are very good restaurants. A interesting and tasty menu to choose from as well as nice atmosphere, some of the restaurants are funkier then the others so it depends what you are looking for.


  • Automat – Burgers, Mac n Cheese, Lunch
  • Harrods Pizzeria – Anytime
  • Cocoon – Pan Asian, Dinner
  • Hakkasan – Chinese Dinner
  • Umu – Japanese, Dinner
  • Yauatcha – Chinese, Dinner
  • Cipriani – Italian, Dinner
  • Mimo’s – Italian, Anytime
  • La Caprice – Italian, Dinner

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  1. Hakkasan!! Yumm! and nobu!! Did you try that restaurant called tootsies in St James Place? and the creperie? and the turkish restaurant? All the restaurants in St James Place are yummy! I miss London so much! when are your London posts gonna stop? ;P

  2. I’m so goona check the Pizzeria and those Italian restaurants you listed. BTW, I heard there’s a famous Iranian place in London that people flock to it like crazy. Do you its name by any chance?

  3. pink

    oh my god!!! hasan B !! that is my favourite restu in london from 6 yrs until now and i recommend it to everyone and ppl who r regulars in london never heard of it and wen they try it get hooked ….u suprised me!

  4. Pocket Full of Sunshine: I haven’t tried that restaurant yet, I will be checking it out for sure! They stopped at this point!

    zsafwan: Thank you, that is an excellent map of the restaurants, they all look very close to each other!

    Hasan.B: Seems very interesting! I want to check it out!

    eshda3wa: Its not to my taste, its good but there is better!

    Angelo: I’m not sure of that restaurant, I haven’t heard of one which is up there, but I have one that I go to.

    pink: Very interesting, I think I will be checking it out for sure!

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