No Brain Activity


I have gotten three hours of sleep, have to go in to work to make sure a few things finish up. I don’t think I have felt like this in a while, this isn’t just exhaustion, this is a state of pure brain dead activity. The group I was supporting in the Chamber of Commerce have won, but even at 8 am in the morning they haven’t finished the count completely.

I don’t want to go into work but I will finish the essentials, go home, switch off my phone and probably pass out. I hope I will be able to leave early if a few items for work won’t take too much time, I will be reaching my mental limit very soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep

    :) you need it

    if you face any problem with that i will lend you my magical kitty :D she wiggles her head all the time LOL! will post about it soon

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    Becareful driving home, go sleep and regroup for your morning rides. Remember I told you before the way you treat Robo is the way you should treat yourself. Rest,fuel then fun! :0) Take care and sleep well

  3. alla ye3eenik!

    How can/do you wake up in the morning without much sleep!??!?!

    Deer balik 3ala 3omrik! Take a break and relax dont overdo it

  4. ouch! you better have left work already as I type this!

  5. ooooooooooooooooooooooh I know the feeling of sleep after a loooooooooooooooong tiring day!!… lovely…!!

  6. haha … I was extremely sleepy at work today for many reasons but i have yet to lay down -_-

  7. Kim

    Hope you get some much needed rest.
    I understand reaching mental limits. Work has been so busy lately that I’ve been going home only when I start losing mental capacity and catch myself doing something stupid (it takes about 15 hrs).

  8. Q80-ChillGirl: looool! I passed out right away for sure!

    Loca: Thanks, I will keep that in mind!

    Ansam: I want to take a break soon, hopefully some time off!

    ananyah: Stayed for a little while for sure!

    Hamitaf La B: yup, its just so nice!

    Laialy: Your kidding me! How is work going?

    Kim: I know exactly what you are talkingabout, you realize that your brain is reaching it’s limit!

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