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Voting @ Chamber of Commerce


6:15 am up getting ready for work

2:10 am Got back from Chamber of Commerce and all results are still not out.

2nd of April 2008 was an important day at the chamber of commerce, lots of people were out voting, contacting people we know to make sure they vote for the the different groups who are there. I was there supporting family and certain groups, it was a long day. I was at work earlier in the morning and got there around 12:20 pm. By 5:00 pm I headed home to get something to eat and take a shower, we are all standing outside so we had to take a break, came back and it kept going.

This time the vote was a manual count due to an idiotic candidate saying that the electronic system lies. This has resulted in a longer process, by 2 am they only finish 2 of the 6 boxes and only counting the full votes not the mixed votes. So this process would easily go past 6 am, I have a meeting in the morning but I decided to come home for a few hours worth sleep before going back there early in the morning. This has been one hell of a hectic day.