Review: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Four friends running a bar in Philadelphia keep trying to do something new to make their business and friendship work. They keep getting side tracked by all their wild ideas, and pitfalls of their nature. A bunch of people who are so hilarious you can’t stop laughing from everything that happens to them. A simple idea could end up a disastor just as they try to make more money. This is one the most unique shows I have seen in a while, and I can’t stop laughing. It has an odd way of coming together as a show, and you just can’t stop laughing.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Chris

    Day-man, (aaaahhhaaaha) fighter of the night-man (aaahhhaahaa), champion of the sun, you’re a master of karate and friendship for everyone…

    I love this frickin’ show so much it hurts! :)

  2. HD-Cable

    which tv network?!

  3. Chris

    I think it’s FX, but I get all my shows from torrent anyhow :) …

  4. This sounds like a fun show… I’ve always wanted to see it… thanks for reminding me about it :)

  5. Laialy: Its good!

    vampire: that good!

    Chris: loooool! It just hurts its so funny!

    HD-Cable: Fx, it I’m not mistaken!

    Chris: Same here!

    Hamitaf La B: Watch it and enjoy!

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