Review: Cloverfield


This is a bit odd for a movie that had so much hype. The movie was a bit confusing to start and I was left more confused with a minor headache at the end of the movie. If you suffer any form of seasickness, motion sickness, headaches, migraines, or medical ailment please avoid this movie for health reasons. For the rest of the people, if you have any expectations for the movie then you will be sorely disappointed. I was hoping for something, anything, but no I was left unsatisfied with a minor headache. JJ Abrams didn’t think this one through.


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  1. Hashem

    Watching this movie was such a waste of time !!!!

  2. I think this movie is more popular for it’s nausea-inducing effects, rather than the story.

  3. Q80 In Denver

    Mn 9ejik!? What’s the confusion that you got from the movie? I thought this movie was GREAT! and the intensity is so real!

  4. I liked it. I thought, “finally, a movie where everyone dies!” I didn’t want to see how they could beat them like another Independance Day movie.

  5. Laialy: I was disappointed!

    Hashem: loool!

    Outkasty: yup!

    cajie: That is true!

    Q80 In Denver: It just didn’t work out, it made me a little sick after the movie due to nassuea

    3baid: That is true.. but still it was lacking something

  6. totally agree.. i wasnt too impressed with the previews, thought i’d give it a try, considering what others were saying.. and ended up confirming that i should always stick with my gut feeling!

  7. Q80 In Denver

    I totally understand the shaky camera feeling .. but it meant to be like that .. it’s a video camera and a guy running with it ! this is the only way that made the movie way too believable ! t3aal 9ij .. did you see what happened in the end? :p I don’t think you’ve noticed :p

  8. MSB: It was leading up to be good, but just ended up to be strange. I thought it had a different ending!

    Q80 In Denver: I think I did see it at the end, I’m not sure if its after the credits, I didn’t see anything.

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