Snail Mail 2


Starting Point:

Ducati – Factory
Bologna, Italia


End Point:

Tristar Kuwait
Dasman, Kuwait


I thought the first time I got something through the mail it was slow, but it turns out that items do get delivered in Kuwait but a very slow rate. This was a letter from Ducati Desmo Owners Club welcoming me to the Ducatista Community which is pretty nice, there are benefits to that which I will try to take advantage of. Aside from that is the time it took for that letter to arrive in Kuwait.


Travel Time: 95 Days

I wonder how long it will take for a private company to setup the delivery service within Kuwait, let them make money but lets have a decent Postal Service because this is just getting ridiculous.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Shoof… kelshay in Kuwait is slow…. even fast food is slow…..!!!!

  2. They take the word “snail mail” literally, I guess..

  3. Willy yigoolik I sent a box from the US to Kuwait, only for it to arrive 4 months later with stamps from KOREA…

    That’s right…I win…

  4. I got sent Chocolates once from Kuwait to the UK by snail mail haha it took 10 days… they were melted by the time they got here… but I still ate them :P

  5. Deera Chat talked about this in one of their episodes. We need a better mailing system.

  6. Hamitaf La B: That is true!

    Enigma: I think so!

    q80saracen: You do have me beat fure sure!

    ananyah: hahahaha!

    3baid: That is very true! We need a drastic improvements are needed!

  7. mustafa

    shit>kuwait mail and postal service

  8. it’s just insane, hopefully (like you said) when it goes private things will get better

  9. mustafa: hahahaha!

    Laialy: It needs to go private!

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