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Never thought I would find an anime hobby shop in Kuwait of this caliber, this is the type of store you would find in Japan Town in San Francisco, New York, or any other major city. I came across this store a few weeks back but it was closed on a Friday, so we passed by on Saturday and I really wanted to see what they had.


To my surprise they had almost everything an otaku could ask for and then some. There were Mazinkaizer, Mazinger Z, Robotech, Patlabor, Final Fantasy, Evangelion, and a lot more then I could remember. I was lost inside the store because I didn’t know what to look at and what I wanted. The one thing I knew for sure is that I wasn’t going to walk out of that store without getting something really worth it and high quality.


They had high quality resin statues painted and ready for sale, Mazinger Z and Mazinkaizer metal statues were available, there was some Ghost in the Shell items as well. There was a Kuwaiti guy working in the store to my surprise and he was very careful with a lot of the robot figures that were hand painted, I was very happy to see someone of his nature, and he loved this type of work. He was telling us how much effort he put into some of these figures which just makes them even more appealing.

Hobby Japan
Rihab, Hawally
Contact: 2418296, 6574120






















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  1. *Q80-CG Hyperventilating*

    Tears approach eyelid,,, how is it that I did not see this shop! I was in Al-Rehab not so long ago!!!!


    How about their price range? *back to reality*

  2. xeonali

    I know the place .. it’s good .. bs wayid ‘3aly

  3. allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    grandizer!!! :`( a7iba!!
    did they have a superman toy?
    i really gotta go check this place out!

  4. About three years ago they were focusing on selling anime shows on cds, their store was in the place of the snacks place which right now is in front of their current store, later on they stopped selling anime cds and focused on figures. Other than their store there is one in the basement that sells figures, and there’s TAZ in one of the far corners on the same floor as Hobby Japan, but their products are not better than Hobby Japan, and TAZ is focusing on selling manga and anime shows on cds. Other than those there used to be Bu Saleh which used to be near Hobby Japan, it belongs to the brother of the original Bu Saleh in Muthana complex. Bu Saleh of Muthana started this business long before everyone else, i remember the first time i visited him was when i was in middle school, that means more than 8 years ago, and his current store is the biggest anime store in Kuwait, he sells everything from plush toys, to Naruto and One Piece figures, to big and small Gundams, to little anime key chains. You can get to him by using the swirly stairs near Pizza Hut, when you get up there let the internet cafe be on your right and continue straight, then turn left in the hallway and continue walking till you reach it, you can’t miss it. My only complain about those anime stores in Kuwait is that their prices are exaggerated, and sometimes their products are not updated.

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t know about it. That shop has been open for well over a few years now!

  6. i’m shocked you didn’t know about it

    i bought couple of stuff from there , the anime items from japan are mostly X2 or X3 the price online

    i only bought some American items that i know are out of stock :)

  7. mustafa

    ive been there once it was hard to find has alot of kool stuff did u buy anyhting?

  8. that’s the biggest problem for every interest and everything, the prices!

  9. GEEKS!! *feeling left out*

  10. lol oh my god ;p ma7al my friend hatha ;p ..

  11. I second Laialy, why is there a picture of the floor what are those black dots?

  12. jewaira

    Nice :)

  13. Oh please tell me they have the tall action figure of Squall Lionhart (ya know the hero of Final Fantasy 8). I do see Cloud on his motorcycle though. KICK ASS!!

  14. Personally Im not so fond of the place. Every time I visited just to see what they had, I got a very cold, elitist reception. Back then they were charging insane prices for pirated Anime.

    Had I ordered the originals from Amazon prob. woulda been cheaper.
    Aside from the extremely sleazy attitude that made my stomach turn (being a guy your suppose to have higher resistance to the sleaze factor… but in this case it overpowered my senses)

    I shit listed the store long time ago, and vowed never to return.

    But… dont take my word for it… you can always see for yourself.. *grins*

    Bring a baggy though… Just In case.. you need to .. um *hurl*

  15. Q80 Chill Girl: looool! no problem, I do love the place as well. Price range from 10 KD up to 140 KD, its just the items you choose.

    K: looool!

    xeonali: not that much in comparison to online prices. But then they have to make a profit, if they are good quality items then I will purchase!

    no3ik: This place is good, check it out!

    The M Code: Thanks for the direction, I will check them out. I will take my camera with me, I think that their prices are a bit high but they have to make a profit, the online figures are expensive in the first place. But their products are very nice.

    3baid: Never saw it before, I used to go to Otaku shops in Japan town in California, so this is something else!

    forzaq8: I bought the figures, content I download without paying anything for it.

    mustafa: I bought a few things!

    Salah: yup!

    nQ: looool!

    Laialy: Why not? looool!

    N: hahahaha! Why not? Just shooting around!

    This Lady: hahaha! Its a Japanese Hobby store in Rihab!

    jewaira: yup :)

    Angelo: I’m not sure, they could probably get it for sure!

    Kismat: what the hell happened? I bought some items and it seemed all good and nice, nothing too crazy about it. I liked the figures they had and the quality, that is why I will be going back for sure!

  16. omar al dosari

    if anyone reads this message please tell me the best place to get DC figures or MARVEL figures. ever since i came to kuwait, i went by hobby japan and got all their batman stock but from that day on i could’nt find any other figures of those types. so i am begging anyone who reads this please, please tell me were i can find such a store. i only know hobby japan and they mostly sell japanese figures, obviouslly. so you can send me an email or write a comment on this page. thanks

  17. omar: You can request from them to get you figure. You can also try Al Muthana which might have what you are looking for, there is a hobby shop there but I haven’t been there in a long time!

  18. sayber

    i have ben there last week….
    it was the coolest store i’ve ever saw
    the price’s are too high but it worth it
    they also have manga books 5 K.D for each
    thanks for the pics

  19. omar al dosari

    thanks marzouq, i also send you an email thanking you. i still didn’t have time to check out that store, but i found a shop in rehab (underground) that soled pretty much what i was looking for but the problem is, the prices and the lack of respect and kindness, anyways it was way over priced like X3 to X4 times the price. if all else fails i’ll probablly order them from the internet or something, the only doubt with that is whether what you asked for actually arives. thanks and fill me in on anything else or any other stores, remeber DC or MARVEL.

  20. sayber: The prices are a bit high but worth it, brings back memories and very nice quality items.

    omar al dosari: There is so much to do in that place! I just like finding places like that!

  21. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ,
    tell me they sell mangaaaaah
    please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeases

  22. jawily

    oh my god the prices are waaaaaay to high but i’d spent every signle penny on manga. if anyone know’s bo 9ale7 in muthanas number please tell me!

  23. animelover!

    why cant we buy anything behind the glass -_-

  24. I’m an anime fan who is currently staying here in Kuwait and I have been looking around for anime shops for a long time now. I only get bits of infos about them, though anime is not well known in this area it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any enthusiasts here like me. So far this is the third anime shop that I have heard of in Rihab in Hawally, or maybe they are all one and the same. I’ll go find out today and make updates in my blog if these shops are still open for business and the price ranges.

    I don’t have the contact for the Bou Saleh hobby shop in Al-Muthana complex, but you can go visit their official YouTube channel, not sure if links are allowed here though, you just type “bousaleh hobby shop” and leave them a message.

    Thanks for the post, although it’s three years old already.

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