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Slush Puppy & Rihab


Now this brought back memories, we all got into one car which I didn’t even know that VW sold in Kuwait. It is probably the slowest German car I have ever driven, it is called the VW Polo and it is a 3 cylinder vehicle. We were given zero respect on the road and even the microbuses were going faster then us. Monichum wanted to buy some games, I still had my stash from last time and even then I still wanted more games.


At that point we were discussing how we should take 1.5 months off to stay home and play video games like the good old days. Then we headed over to the Slush Puppy stand to get something to drink, I had the orange but I should have stirred it a little more before drinking. It reminded me of the young days of drinking Slush Puppy and eating popcorn, then we walked around to a few stores before heading out. I will be going back to Rihab at this point since I have to fix my old XBox 360, the one that scratched all my games so I can use it on another screen. There is always something fun about being in Rihab but the traffic is really annoying in Hawally.