Slush Puppy & Rihab


Now this brought back memories, we all got into one car which I didn’t even know that VW sold in Kuwait. It is probably the slowest German car I have ever driven, it is called the VW Polo and it is a 3 cylinder vehicle. We were given zero respect on the road and even the microbuses were going faster then us. Monichum wanted to buy some games, I still had my stash from last time and even then I still wanted more games.


At that point we were discussing how we should take 1.5 months off to stay home and play video games like the good old days. Then we headed over to the Slush Puppy stand to get something to drink, I had the orange but I should have stirred it a little more before drinking. It reminded me of the young days of drinking Slush Puppy and eating popcorn, then we walked around to a few stores before heading out. I will be going back to Rihab at this point since I have to fix my old XBox 360, the one that scratched all my games so I can use it on another screen. There is always something fun about being in Rihab but the traffic is really annoying in Hawally.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i’m going there tomorrow to buy my nephew’s birthday gift

  2. Whenever you’re in a small car, you barely get any respect its the law of the road! I love that slush drink.. there is a blue one too.

  3. I’ve never been to rihab.. is it a safe place for a girl… my younger brothers always tell me its not a good idea….. yeah my younger brothers boss me around… ;p

  4. rihab scares me :p i went to buy guitar hero and every1 kept staring at me! but yuuuum slush puppy sej memories

  5. Yes, indeed! VW is sold in Kuwait, how else do people get them? Hehe…

    That drink… OMG… Strange… It’s coming back to me now.

  6. Purgatory

    Are you on a diet? What happened to the Machboos posts?

  7. Abdulla

    dont make fun of my car! its fast in her class. did you try the system?

  8. wooow, walla 3awart galby. el re7ab thekrayaaat and it is the heaven of kuwait.

    slush puppies? I never knew that they sold it in Kuwait. I’ve been seeing it here in the states at gas stations and 7-eleven.

  9. Kim

    hmm.. Haven’t had a Slush Puppy in ages. Brings back some good memories.

  10. mustafa

    FORZA SLUSH PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  11. sha5bari slushies ..did u get a brain freeze ? thats one thing i dont miss.. weird enough they also sell it in the mini shwai5 jam3iya in ma7al ill 3a9eer,, dont ask me why or how i just know they sell it there.

  12. we used to call then slushies … i still don’t like them

  13. vampire: Very nice!

    N: Seriously, no respect! The Slush drinks were pretty good, but more ice was needed!

    Hamitaf: looool! Its true though, its not a good idea to go their, it needs to be fixed up.

    fashionated: Women don’t usually enter that area, its filled with hormone overload 13 yearolds with nothing to do!

    Ruby Redux: No, I meant this tiny damn car! It doesn’t move!

    Purg: looool! Around!

    Abdulla: What system, it barely does anything! loool!

    Salah: Its a great place in Kuwait for games and running around! Slush puppy was good!

    Kim: Yup, it did bring back memories!

    mustafa: looool!

    ananyah: looool! What was the taste?

    z: Yes I did get brain freeze, hahaha! I didn’t know they sell it there!

    Laialy: really?

    Rashisha: loool!

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