Smallville Changes in Upcoming Seasons


Things are going to be interesting for sure in the upcoming season, as we know Season 8 is going to be the last season of Smallville. The creators of the show are now splitting at the end of Season 7, this leaves the material for Season 8 up to one of the creators of the show and the executive producers who have been working on the show for the past 6 years. There has been some push and pull between the DC Universe, WB, and the creators of the show which might have led to the break up, and I am hoping for a great last season.

Then there is Lana and Lex, they have negotiated to lower the amount of times they will be showing up on the show. So Superman has to take a different track without Lex and Lana so something drastic might be happening to change the track of the show and Superman might go into his crime fighting phase.


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  1. I never could figure out this series. Watched a few episodes here and there but found it very boring so gave up on it.

  2. The idea of Smallville ending is not cool…one of the best shows ever. I mean granted, the few first seasons starring random “Petey” were a little rocky…but then, boy did it take off….Spin Off?

  3. I love this show! Tom Welling is gorgeous too LOL

  4. It would be interesting to see how they take it from now until the end of the show! It does seem they could take it many ways.. I’m hoping for something very good!

  5. cajie: Really? I think its a great series.

    q80saracen: It did take off, but I don’t think a spin off would be a good idea!

    Ansam: looool!

    N: Same here, I want something exciting!

  6. Heather

    Loved all the seasons, they were great, The way they escalated to the climax at the last episode. I can’t wait until season8. Just wondering if anyone knows exactly when they will air.

  7. Anville

    I must say Clark is da coolest, I never mis the show NEVER, im looking forward to the next one keep it up gus, O yes lana ur Hot…:-)

  8. Anville

    It would really be a Hounor to meet the guys(Cast) especialy clark and lana.that would be really nice. THANK YOU

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