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Its always a very nice feeling when you press the purchase button on the Amazon checkout, then you want the items in your hands yesterday. This order was a large chunk order mostly for you my Windows Home Server and a one other thing, I have a few books on my wish list but I will keep it there for a while.


  • WD 1 TB Hard Drives (Quantity 7)
  • Addonics Host Controller
  • Phillips Voip Hand Set

The Phillips Voip Hand Set has got the best reviews and uses Skype, you can just type in your username and password without having to have a PC on. For me that is a great solution since its annoying talking into a big headset plugged into a PC. Now I just have to wait for Aramex to take their time and bring it over, I’m hoping that this goes under the radar of customs.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Quick question: how many hard drives do you have so far?

  2. Angelo:
    We lost count .. I think our combined storage is around 25 (give or take a couple.

  3. hohooo

    why do you order the 1tb from amazon, is the price that different?

  4. Yea, please post a review of the Phillips Voip Hand Set as soon as you get to test it!

    hehe, and one more TB is in the can! (or will be inshallah)

  5. DeReD

    Zouq, whats the model no of the phillips voip handset?

  6. DVLz

    DeReD, a small tool called search engine + product description = Philips VOIP841 PC-Free DECT 6.0 Wireless IP Phone… Works like magic

    Amazon is known as the biggest library or book seller in the world, but as for pricing you may find some good deals like anywhere else. Most blogs I’ve seen so far people always compare a product price in Kuwait with Amazon, which it seems as its the only place they can purchase stuff from. There are special occasions when the prices of certain products mainly electronics drop down couple $$$. Other than that buying a bulk of HDDs from amazon is considered money loss :”(


    nice man.
    by the way, just to let u know: emirates announced another destination to usa. san-fransisco.

    DUBAI, U.A.E., 9th April 2008 – Following news of only four weeks ago that it would start services to Los Angeles, Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing, international airlines today announced plans to launch an additional service to the U.S. West Coast. The award-winning airline will fly non-stop from Dubai to San Francisco starting 26th October 2008, taking its total number of U.S. destinations to four.

    In pioneering spirit, Emirates will be the first to connect the two cities using its newest, technologically advanced Boeing 777-200LR on the route. The aircraft offers 266 seats in a three class configuration. The service will additionally offer 10 tonnes of cargo capacity in both directions.

  8. Don’t customs charge you when you buy over 3 of the same item? :/

  9. That’s very cool. Is the media on your “share” for sharing? =P

  10. Co0o0o0o0l…. i wanna buy a karaokee machine!

  11. Angelo: too many to count! I will do a full count for sure!

    K: insane!

    hohoo: better price and more quantity, not much available in Kuwait!

    Shaymaa: I will be posting a review for sure! Need more drives! loool!

    DeReD: I will post it up when I see it!

    Laialy: Alah ebaa3ik ib 7ayatich!

    DVLz: It is a bit difficult but they have very good distributtion so its easy to get the items. 99% of the time they have cheaper on Amazon then in Kuwait.

    3baid: Nope they don’t notice!

    N: yup, for sharing between floors! Not others! looool!

    Rashisha: hahaha!

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