Just About Full


Coming back hungry from work and taking in that beautiful smell is very satisfying. I thought to myself that I would just eat the meat and take it easy on the rice so I won’t pass out right away. I was completely wrong and kidding myself when I was thinking that, I automatically went for the rice and meat, and ate until I was satisfied. I have this tendency to always clean my plate even if I have reached my limit so I push the limit a little higher.






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. zahed

    rice rice rice rice rice rice rice how about we get something new this week for the dewaniyah am thinking sushi

  2. ahh… brings out the true carnivore in me. I just need to remember the small portion and to peel off the fat layers.. then its all good.

  3. bel3afia…. looks yummy
    etsaddig! I dont like to over-eat… I dont like the feeling of being so full that I cant move! mashalla 3alaik eb alf 3afia though hehehehehe

  4. I am not going to say anything.

    I will allow our cousin “N” to speak on my behalf.

  5. Purgatory

    well its a change, but still I demand chicken :)

  6. meat w bs :)

    enad 3la purg :)

  7. oh SH!T!!!!!!!!!
    i’m at work and most of u know how it feels when u see these PICs at this time of the day

  8. yummmmy :(

    I hate you right now! I’m starrrrrrrving!

  9. walla I feel that I can taste it, ma3a ta7eyat q8y 6aga el yoo3 fe amreka

  10. You know… my mouth ain’t droolin no more…
    My mother is back… and we’re eating good food again… lool…
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yes… good foooood!!!

  11. i don’t care for the meat much … bss 3laik bil 3afyaa buddy :)

  12. Desmo

    oh man these pictures are a teaser for non Kuwaities

  13. Desmo

    Keep on eating that and u will end up trading ur Duc for BMW LT…

  14. jewaira


    Growing, hardworking boys need good hearty meals ;)

    Love the photos

  15. zahed: bite me! You have no say!

    falantan: It is all good! :0

    Ansam: Alah e3afeech! loool! I can stuff my self silly!

    Amer: hahahaha!

    Purg: u demand the chicken!

    Cat: loool!

    vampire: It really gets to you at work!

    ananyah: looool!

    ge6awee: loool!

    Salah: hehehe! no problem!

    esda3wa: yeah, we do! :)

    Hamitaf: looooool! 3awafy!

    Laialy: Alah e3afeech!

    Desmo: loool! I don’t eat all of it, but I o eat a decent amount!

    jewiara: Alah e3afeech! I need my meant! :)

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