Review: Nokia N800 Portable Internet Tablet


Putting through this tablet its paces has been fun, I have had the N800 for over 5 months now without any issues. Any time I am going anywhere it is always with me in a back pack or my pocket if I can carry the large object in my pocket. The N800 is great for surfing in hot spots or even connecting through your phone, they have really put effort into perfecting the OS, and the new OS 2008 from Nokia is fantastic, the stability and all the features. I’m honestly happy with this purchase recommend for anyone who wants a product that they can use for surfing, all their emails, and many other features, the best part was getting all the updates during the NFL games so I would have the score as the game was taking place.



  • Long Battery Life (4 – 6 Hours of usage with wifi, 10 Day Standby)
  • Bright large 4.1 inch screen
  • Intuitive typing for stylus of fingers
  • Integrated desk stand for on-table use
  • Zooming, full-screen and panning display functionality
  • Auto connection to saved Wi-Fi hotspots or through Bluetooth compatible phones
  • Video Conferencing
  • Fantastic With RSS Feeds
  • Integration with AIM, MSN, GChat through Gizmo
  • Voip Calls
  • Lots of Applications and open development: Clock, Sketch, Notes, Backup,, Skype, Gmail, WordPress Extention, Maps, GPS,
  • SD Slots can take large size SD cards, I have tried 8 GB cards in both the internal and external, both work perfectly after the latest update
  • Very frequent updates and very stable OS
  • Good for all types of videos, music, and pictures
  • Decent speakers, better sound through the head phones
  • USB connection to dump data on it
  • Very Light
  • Relatively Reasonable Price


  • No Keyboard (I could live with the screen keyboard but not for extensive writing)


I’m honestly impressed with this machine from Nokia, it has taken beating and I have installed multiple applications on it without too many hiccups.

Price: $300 (at the time, now $229)








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  1. This is actually a practical device. And with a $229 price tag, I say it’s reasonably priced.

    Here’s a noob question: what kinda of video format does it support?

  2. That is a very reasonable price! nice

  3. mushroom

    nice indeed. is it available in stores (kuwait)?
    and how much?

  4. looks pretty nice and nifty … but i wouldn’t have any use or need for one, otherwise its something “nice to have”

  5. It’s cheap because it’s replaced by the better spec’d N810. Currently going for $219 on Amazon.

    But definitely an interesting gadget to carry around.

  6. New models have a sliding out keyboard.

  7. fahad

    i have one, its very slow for browsing dont even think about opening multi-pages.
    its good for checking emails and opening a small set of sites
    the o.s. is great.

  8. Angelo: I’m not sure of the video format, I haven’t really tried video. I’m assuming mpeg, avi, and wmv at least.

    Ansam: yup!

    mushroom: I haven’t seen it around for a while now!

    Laialy: You could use it to remote desktop into your system! loool!

    cajie: Yup, a good gadget to have on hand!

    Jacqui: yup! I know!

    Cat: yup!

    fahad: I have multipages open with no problem, did you upgrade to OS 2008? There have been upgrades!

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