HP Mini-Note PC


Since the success of the Asus EEPC, HP and a few other companies are coming out with their version of a minipc, i like that they are coming out with a usable minicomputer with good battery life.

At 2.5 pound it has 8.9 inch WXGA screen, up to 2GB ram, up 160 GB HD, VGA Camera, Wifi, optional Bluetooth and you can either have SUSE Linux or Windows Vista for the OS. It is really small and portable for those on go.

Starts at $500 and goes up, I would rather go for strong processor and ram, small HD and thats about it. Its about portability rather then a laptop replacement.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Indeed. It’s quite ideal for those who value portability. I think I might get that for my mother. Those requirements are quite sufficient for her needs.

  2. I LOVE HP… but last time I checked Ureka seems they increased their prices compared to other brands!!!

  3. Hi Marzouq! Long time, i know. This laptop has really caught my attention. I’m (as u know) looking for a laptop that would span 4 years of university, and meet my “student-oriented” demand. I would love to get a hands-on on this laptop though :)

  4. moocherx

    I was quite jealous when I first saw your pic of the HP, as I bought an Asus EEE about 8 weeks ago for $399 (512MB Ram, 4GB HDD). It has been astounding as a travel PC and I’ve not regretted it for a second.

    Then, I clicked on your link and saw that the HP weighs in at 1.27kg. That’s 50% heavier than my EEE!! in fact, it’s only .23kg lighter than a 3-year old Acer Travelmate I’ve used to death while travelling.

    So despite the fact it looks a bit cooler, I’m happy that I’ve stuck with the EEE. I have a 16GC SDHC memory card in it, and upped the RAM to 1GB (can use 2GB DIMM but OS doesn’t recognise anything over 1GB). And all the pre-loaded apps on Linux (Xandros) work beautifully out of the box.

  5. Angelo: It does satisfy those with portability needs!

    maryam: Online HP is priced pretty reasonably! I think this will be successful as well!

    kwt23: Nice to see your still around! I don’t think this would be for 4 years of University, a small laptop with stronger features would last longer!

    moocherx: Very well said, I do agree the Asus has hit a spot with its little EEPC. This one is specialized for certain people in mind, but the price is reaonable even though its a bit heavy. I would go for it and install Ubuntu on it instead of Windows OS.

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