K1200R Warranty Work


I haven’t been able to ride Robo for some time now due to the small issues I have been having with it. Everything was running perfectly except for the gear box and I didn’t have a clue why that was happening. I got a call from Tristar telling me that they made claim with BMW for my gear box since I got the first generation K1200R, and the gear boxes have had three revisions.

They got a new gear box this week after a two week delivery from BMW Motorcycles. I got back my bike on Thursday afternoon after they picked it up on Sunday, and I took the machine out for a spin as soon as I got home. The gear box is so much smoother and I loved pushing the machine hard around corners, the gear box is still a little clunky but that is what BMW motorcycles are known for, a slight bump when changing gears but so much smoother then before. With the old gear box I wouldn’t be able to shift if I was riding a long distance in one gear for a while, so I would have to pump the clutch lever to force it to change, but not its a lot better. I can’t wait to go for a long ride on Robo.

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  1. Kim

    Good to see you back in action Robo.

  2. robo is looking pretty aich ow tee HOT in that pick

  3. JoJo

    If the gearbox is new then you have to treat it as you would a new bike !! i.e. breaking it smoothly & not high reving each gear.
    Very important

  4. when was the first time you rode a bike?

  5. vampire: Will be coming out this weekend!

    ananyah: He will be out and about soon!

    Kim: He will be out very soon!

    Laialy: thanks! More pics will be followed!

    JoJo: I know but I couldn’t help flying as soon as I got it.

    pearls: In March 2001!

  6. Marzooq can you give me a call in regards to that particular problem. 94064100

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