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K1200R Warranty Work


I haven’t been able to ride Robo for some time now due to the small issues I have been having with it. Everything was running perfectly except for the gear box and I didn’t have a clue why that was happening. I got a call from Tristar telling me that they made claim with BMW for my gear box since I got the first generation K1200R, and the gear boxes have had three revisions.

They got a new gear box this week after a two week delivery from BMW Motorcycles. I got back my bike on Thursday afternoon after they picked it up on Sunday, and I took the machine out for a spin as soon as I got home. The gear box is so much smoother and I loved pushing the machine hard around corners, the gear box is still a little clunky but that is what BMW motorcycles are known for, a slight bump when changing gears but so much smoother then before. With the old gear box I wouldn’t be able to shift if I was riding a long distance in one gear for a while, so I would have to pump the clutch lever to force it to change, but not its a lot better. I can’t wait to go for a long ride on Robo.