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Current Shows – 04-08


Time to catch up with some shows is always a good thing, some of these shows I have wanted to watch for a while but I wanted to start them at the right time, then there are the shows I am usually watching.


  • Star Trek Enterprise – I’m loving it, even with the corny intro, the show just feels familiar.
  • The Unit – Can’t get enough of this show, I just hope they end it on a very high note with something spectacular. Season 3 is turning out to be very good.
  • Chuck – Who doesn’t love a geek that gets all the hot spy girls. Its a funny show with a main character that you just can’t help loving.
  • Smallville – Its getting better, I can’t wait to see Superman to become the real Superhero that he is.
  • Jericho – The show got cancelled for the second time, too bad this time it isn’t coming back. What a loss
  • The Wire – I know this is a good show, and now that I have started it, it seems HBO knows how to make TV shows.