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Retiring Some Items


Some furniture rearrangement has been taking place as of lately, I had some extra books, extra DVDs, and a few other items in a disorganized pile in front of the shelves, then there is all the wires. I wanted to make more space for items I was using, and move or get rid of things I wasn’t using. The hardest part is figuring out things I wasn’t using, and after a couple of weeks it came down to two things.


  • PS2 – Last time I played my PS2 was 2 years ago, just when the XBox 360 came out and my DVD playback stopped working.
  • Sony LCD – I haven’t used the TV much since everything I watch is on the computer, and I don’t really watch whats on TV.


So I put my PS2 in storage and I moved my screen to my nephews room so they can watch Barney or Power Rangers. Taking both those items away freed up a lot of space, but instead of the screen I put my Sonos system which is in the perfect spot. I used my Sonos system everyday since its streaming music from my network area storage (NAS) or from online services such as Sirius, Rhapsody, or Napster. Then it came to the reorganization, I wanted to put all the books I have read together, and then put all the books that I can reference together. I am trying to figure out a way to organize all the different media, and I am running out of storage for all the anime DVDs that I have. I have a lot of PS2 games, XBox 360 games, and DVDs that I will be getting rid off, I used to sell them off or trade them in, in the states but I have to figure out what to do with them in Kuwait.


It took me a few weeks to get things in order, but I’m happy how neat things turned out. I am at the 80% mark since there are still some items I need to get rid of and then the organization of the records, filing them, and keeping those in order. Its a nonstop process but I do like to have things in order when it comes to mess, then sometimes I do enjoy an organized chaos.