Walther NightHawk Air Pistol


This is the coolest looking gun I have seen which isn’t real. Feels like this is a weapon they would be carrying around on 24 with all the accessories. The Nighthawk has a red dot sight with 11 brightness settings, a CO2 repeater system, and a side mounted tactical flashlight with grip mounted activation. I don’t think this would come through customs very easily, but I would still want to try, I wonder if you put it on your luggage on an air plane.

Price: $160

Link: UnCrate

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  1. I see a whole SWAT team jumping on you if you try to clear this as checked luggage.

  2. it is really cool, wish it was real though

  3. No way you’ll take it on board with you. But you can put it in one of your luggages and pass it through. By the way, I never saw a cool weapon or what so ever on 24. They usually try to be cool with their CTU headquarter and their technology. I never saw a gun that took my attention.

    The whole structure of this weapon is cool, but if you look at the gun itself you’ll notice it’s kind of normal.

    Bas walla cool overall ;)

  4. I doubt you’ll be able to get past the airport entrance with that lol! Air pistol is cool, can you load it with darts? lol… add some “tranq” to it, and have fun shooting your friends and putting them to sleep lool!

  5. cajie: seriously! loool! I am going to ask though!

    Ahmed: Same here!

    Salah: I’m thinking about the luggage! Its the whole thing together thats cool! Have you seen the sub-machine guns on 24? They are ridiculous!!

    N: hahahaha!

    Laialy: It shoots out plastic balls!

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