All The Way And Back

Up at 6:30 am trying to get out of bed to enjoy the nice cool Friday morning. My phone kept ringing since Monichum and Vampire were up earlier then me as usual. I tend to stay up late when they sleep in to wake up earlier, I’m always the last one to get there. We had a full day planned ahead of us, I filled up gas at the Miseela gas station as usual, and you could see a few bikers on the road. Then headed straight to Bida’a Starbucks which seems to be open at 6 or 7 even on a Friday morning. It was perfect start to the morning, I get my Raspberry Frappacino and doughnut since I was starving.

We were heading to Bnaider to meet up with a friend, we were supposed to go have lunch at his beach house but we all had things to do. So we decided to take the route there and enjoy the ride, we were having a blast flying around at such a high speed on the empty roads. The funny part is that I haven’t been to Bnaider in sometime to visit someone. We got there in 45 minutes taking our time, we got there around 9:20 am and it took 10 minutes to find the Beach House based on his elaborate directions. Finding the beach house wasn’t too hard, but we got to the sea side he was sailing with a friend. Now that looked like it was fun, they were on this sail that was moving at a good pace.

We talked for a while, and it seems he will be getting a bike very soon, so we might have a fifth join us very soon. We left the Beach house around 10:15 to make it to our breakfast appointment at 11:00 am at Marina with some of the guys, we took off flying down the highway. I switched bikes with Monichum, he took Pyro and I rode his 749S, Ducati knows how to make Sports Bikes. I was enjoying the ride and I lost 95% of my restrictions riding like a nut case on this light machine, it made it very easy to turn and cut around traffic. We were flying to Marina, and it took us about 37 minutes to get there from Bnaider, we would have gotten there faster if it we all didn’t run out of gas and had to stop at Manguf to fill up gas. I’m just happy I remembered that they had green gas. When we stopped at Marina the BMW Motorcycle Club just got there, so we joined them for a bit before changing table to order our food. After all that intense riding all morning we were starving.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. which place serves breakfast at 11am?

  2. that yellow ducati is frikin hot! hahah funny 3 ducati’s

    i still want robo back, the original and best :P

    & I wanna jump into the sea in those pictures!

  3. Well, at least the weather seems calm now.

    That sounds a nice ride you guys had. But you didn’t say what you guys had for lunch since you were starving. Usually you don’t miss those kind of stuff :P

  4. monichum

    Yes, i like the yellow one too

  5. I take it the yellow one is yours then monichum :P

  6. we dont know they’re sexy though hahahhahaha we need photographic evidence!

  7. We should get more proof shouldn’t we? :P

  8. JoJo

    If they act sexy & sound sexy then they are probably very sexy !!

  9. hahahhaha we can only judge zook, not the others…. & we’re still undecided :P

  10. eshda3wa, u never know.. this global warming might make that happen :P

  11. monichum

    loool. to ananyah and eshda3wa
    – the probability of unsexy riders is considered low compared to the percentage of any other hobby commenced by a man on the face of earth. as a result , the men who’s riding those bikes are considered part of the global riders community which leads to 99.9% conclusion that they are hot men. in addition, there is a high probability that they are taken by unsexy females which leads to high probability of dumping the current relationship and move to a new one.

    Bikerolgy – Chapter one

  12. Jacqui,, tell ananyah how sexy i am (^___^) “

    monichum,, u r NOT

  13. monichum

    ur just jelous vampire. ma aloomek lol :)

  14. monichum, I have seen some rather ugly riders in my time *shiver* so whats chapter two hehehe

    vampire, why does she need to tell me?

    I think I’ll ask zook and get my answer :P

  15. pearls: Casper and Gambini

    Ananyah: Robo will be back, the Yellow Ducati belongs to Monichum. I wanted to jump in too!

    Angelo: I was too busy remembering the ride! loool!

    Monichum: :)

    vampire: You should see the rest of them!

    ananyah: loool!

    Jacqui: loool!

    ananyah: bite me!

    Jacqui: nope!

    Jojo: I agree!

    ananyah: I will beat you with a stick!

    eshda3wa: yes you can! lol

    ananyah: looool!

    monichum: loooool!

    vampire: hahahahaha!

    Monichum: hahahaha!

    Ananyah: I don’t care about what you guys want or think about any guy riding! I will run over you with the bike! How bout that!

  16. hahahhaha love to see you try hahahahahahaha freak ;p~

  17. he’s sick or replying

    a “lol” and a “hahaha”

  18. he’s a nutcase vampire, I’ve always assumed that :P

  19. ananyah: you will!

    vampire: hahahaha!

    ananyah: yes yes!

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