The Package

I have been following up on my packages everyday since I ordered them from Amazon. There were two things I was worried about, one was the large amount of Hard Drives I was ordering, and the other was the Voip phone which supposedly illegal in Kuwait.

I called up Aramex and they said my package didn’t arrive, so I took the tracking numbers and headed over there to get my packages. The website didn’t update throughout the trip, just that the packages were in the box last Sunday, and then arrived in Kuwait by Saturday. After giving them the tracking numbers they somehow found the items with them and they were cleared which is great.

I wanted to rip those boxes open as soon as I got home, but I waited a little while before opening them.

  • 1 TB Hard Drivers, Qty 8
  • Addonics Host Controller
  • Phillips Voip Phone

I knew that I am probably going to start ripping into my Windows Home Server but that is going to take some time to work on.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the VOIP phone looks hot, and ur OBSESSED with hard drives hahahahah

  2. Well glad you had your packages safe and sound.

    Can we expect some reviews on the stuff you bought very soon?

  3. I love opening a loooong awaited package… can’t believe you actually put them out and took pictures of them… YA WAYLEE!!!

  4. I want to know the update about that Philips phone. Was thinking of getting one to use for skype and send one over to my sisters.

    Review it soon :P

  5. Sweet! Get started on the home server already & post updates!

  6. I have a feeling you have a server room in your house :p like dexter’s secrete laboratory

  7. hhahaha Laialy, he probably does! where else would be keep all those terrabyte hard drives!

  8. hhahaha Laialy, he probably does! where else would he keep all those terrabyte hard drives!

  9. kickass !

    Now all you need is an SSD harddisk for your OS (it makes a world of difference. How are you going to back the whole thing up though ? (you’ll probably have a RAID set up running I guess)

  10. Like everyone else I want to read the reviews! Especially about the phone!

  11. Ananyah: Very obsessed!

    Angelo: I will be reviewing the VOiP phone for sure!

    Stallion: It has kicked off, what a monster!

    Hamitaf: I always take evidence! loool! Step by step!

    Jacqui: I will be reviewing it by next week for sure!

    Shaymaa: I’m on it! Will be posting updates!

    Laialy: Nope, I don’t the Dewaneya is turning into it!

    ananyah: I want more space! More!!!!

    KTDP: Never thought of getting an SSD Hard Drive for my OS, its just too expensive for my needs. I have a few back up solutions available, so I’m not worried.

    N: Will be posting reviews!

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