Al Zoor Trip

It has been a long time since I have been Al Zoor to visit some of the guys. I have been getting caught up with a lot of things in the city, but this time it was a special occasion. A lot of people were invited and I haven’t gone in a little while.

It was around sunset on Friday when I wanted to set out to the beach house, but the ridiculous storm came in and shook things up. After checking that everything was ok, I left home around an hour later but the roads were an obstacle course filled with trees, some signs, and some other debris. In the Landcruiser I was driving around them heading towards the gas station, it was open with some tenants working, I didn’t know what they did during the storm. Filled up with gas and headed towards Al Zoor, you could see where that Hurricane hit and where it didn’t cross.

I was taking my time driving to Al Zoor, there was no real schedule other then the dinner would be later in the evening. The best part about driving a long distance is the open windows, music blaring, the cool breeze and enjoy the driving. Cops were parked on the side by Julai’a and Malik Fahad Highway, before that there was a camera car parked on the side of the road. It seems they wanted to ticket as many cars possible, I just had it cruising at 120 kph for once so no ticket for me.

A few cars were parked outside by the time I got there. Walked in and dropped my bags in my room, I haven’t been in there for ages. The room seemed brand new and unused compared to other rooms, my room mate is my cousin and it seems he hasn’t been out too much either.

Walked out and headed towards the sitting room to chill with the guys, then we transfered outside. The weather was amazing and the storm didn’t come close to the beach houses, but you could see the storm in the distance. I was getting hungry by the minute and the shawarma was the main thing I was looking forward to. It was a special day so lots of people were invited to the gathering other then the usual people.

Five shawarmas later I was sitting on the couch about to pass out since I was up early in the morning. The funny part was that some people were getting very annoyed with me being the paparazzi that I am at these events, I tend to take pictures to remember the moment. Slowly passing out on the couch while some people were talking to me, I couldn’t keep my eyes open even for a moment. I headed to my room and watched an episode of Chuck before completely passing out, the best part was that my room was 17C, it was cold and easy to fall asleep around 12:30 am.

Around 2:30 pm I could here somebody say something about lunch. I woke up comfortably feeling that I caught up with all the sleep I was lacking from the past couple of weeks. I took a shower packed, my bags, and had a really good meal. I had a lot of errands to take care of so I had to leave a little early, I headed it out by 3:45 pm and the best part was driving with a full stomach. When I’m full I tend to drive really slow, I was cruising at 120 Kph and everyone was flying past me so I moved to the right lane with music at full blast and the windows open. It was a fantastic time, I need to go there more often, maybe next time I take my bike.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. great place, Was it a resort of some sort ? everything seams perfect . mashallah

  2. Mashallah! Great beach house! Looks cozy in some places and spacious in other places!

    Glad you had fun!

  3. Beautiful place to kick back and relax mashallah…

    Beautiful shawarma .. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…!!!

  4. I love the decor in the beach house & 5 Shawarma’s? Greedy! You never even shared them with us!

  5. Very Nice…I love your beach house. It seems so contemporary.
    Mash’a Allah

  6. hmmm whats the nivia on the bed side table for?

  7. Mashalla five shawarmas… 3alaik eb alf 3afia
    this beach house is ahhhhhmazzzing! I am wondering why you havent been there in ages! Its fabulous!

  8. Q80 In Denver

    La mashalla ma hagait ena fee nas tehtam “wayed” bel interior design especially 7eg shalaih .. la bs mashalla ‘7oosh thoo’3 .. love the looks and especially the small accessories details :p

  9. G-Funk: Its a shalaih between a couple of guys! Its very nice, and lots of effort was put into fixing it up!

    Stallion: Its very nice overall, I love going there!

    Hamitaf: Very nice place to relax, too bad I can’t spend a week there.

    Salah: I agree!

    Ananyah: Its nice! And yes I was hungry!

    TripleM: Thanks :)

    Mark: Cream, not sure! Not my bed!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech, been riding too much I think!

    Laialy: Yup!

    Q80InDenver: A lot of effort was put into the shalaih by one of the guys, and he worked on it non-stop to get it perfect and now it is.

  10. F..

    mashalla, the chaleh looks really nice! seems like a great place to relax!

  11. great beach house but the first pictures are annoying :/

  12. mashallah nice place, your friend has such great taste. very modern in style too.

  13. omg!! Amazing place ;D 3alaik bil 3afya

  14. F: yes very true! It is very relaxing!

    Zabo0o6a: Thanks! I was just shooting those pictures!

    pearls: yes he does!

    noonie: alah e3afeech!

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