Cable Cutting UAE

Now we have some explanation for the internet failures we have faced over the past couple of months from one area to another. Hopefully no more cables will be cut any time soon.

Turns out the United Arab Emirates took two ships into custody on February 19th after those infamous cable cuttings. Wayward anchors are suspected to be at fault, and the Korean company responsible for one of the vessels just agreed to fork over 60 grand in damages in exchange for the release of its ship. The other ship, which is owned by an Iraqi company, is still under Dubai custody, and the two sailors on board were arrested and are awaiting prosecution next week. As for us, we’re standing by our space aliens in league with garden gnomes theory. It all just adds up.

Link: Engadget

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  1. How is that 60,000 gonna factor into precious weeks of lost download time?? I want reparations! lol

  2. so I wonder who the 60,000 will go too? Anyway, achors can only be at fault if they anchored at sea and the achor disturbed the cables on the sea dead.

    But wouldnt the cable installors take into consideration that major ships anchor in the middle of the sea and could possibly disturb the cables?

    I think there is more too it and they are just trying to find someone to blame

  3. only 60 grand !!! that seems nothing … How much did it cost them to repair it … they might as well just slap their hands and let them go … although I enjoyed giving the cable cut excuse ;P

  4. mistakes happen, I don’t this they were intentional

  5. q80saracen: Seriously!

    ananyah: There are areas which are specifically said not to be allowed to stop in and they are in all the maps!

    maryam: seriously! I agree, its nothing at all!

    pearls: hahaha!

    Laialy: It doesn’t matter, it is clearly stated where they can’t stop and of course circumstances are taken into consideration unless they are negligent!

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