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Barber Break

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster at work for the past couple of weeks, not having enough time to get some rest. I left work around 5:00 pm and I had a meeting at 7:00 pm which I delayed to 7:45 pm since I wanted to get some rest. Right after lunch I went straight to the barber, and as soon as I was on the seat I was slowly nodding off.

I woke up relaxed with a shaved head and the blade on my right cheek. It is one the best feelings in the world to have that clean cut feel, no longer will you feel the itch. Sometimes I think about shaving everything off because it would feel so damn nice, but then I decided to keep my goatee. It was a fantastic feeling after such a long day, I even managed to get a 15 minute nap before heading out to the meeting. The nothing beats a relaxing time at the barber.