Detailing @ Al Falah Car Wash

Its been sometime now since I wanted to take my car detailing at Al Falah Car Wash. They do wonders with cars when they take them in for detailing, they bring back the color of the interior and give a new shine to the body.

I know some people that take their cars detailing once every couple of months, but I haven’t had a chance due to luck. Sometimes they were booked up and other times when I decided to go a weather anomaly takes place such as dust storm, hurricane, or rain, so I stay home instead of taking the car in.

This time I called and they had an opening so after my last meeting I went straight there to drop off the car. It was perfect timing, by the time I got there I just parked my car outside for a little while. Half an hour later the owner of F355 convertible took has care from detailing so I was able to park my car indoors at that point. They have an enclosed garage for detailing and it takes about half a day to a day for full detailing, and the garage takes 2 cars. For only 55 KD you get fantastic results which bring your car back to life, that is what I have seen with every car they detailed, and now it was my turn. A friend of mine picked me up and dropped me off, and on the way back I dozed of in the passenger seat after a long day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i’m thinking about taking my car for a wash


  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    thinking of taking the corolla after it has been done.

  3. hahah the little old man smiling for you, how cute!

    I’m still too scared to take pictures in public hahahaha

    the color of ur car is hot, did I ever tell you that?

  4. why don’t you have the # on?

  5. na3iman hehehehe and I agree with Ananyah, that guy smiling in the pic is cute! The pic I mean… not him :-P OK now I am mean

  6. jewaira

    I really like the photo of the man with the two guys in the background. That’s a really expressive shot

  7. The phone number for the detail center is 5084003; Krishna is the guy in charge.

  8. I want a major car wash for my car. It’s been 2 years since I got it and I just feel I need to pamper him completely!

  9. I’ve been wanting to detail the car i’m driving (notice how i didn’t say my car :P) anyway my dad was telling me to take it to this place called “daboos” or something bss i’v been insanely busy but i just want to go to this place since there’s been so much hype around it

  10. zahed

    fala7 do a great Job in washing and detailing keep it up guys ABNE

  11. vampire: Take it there!

    Corolla Man: After you paint it!

    Enigma: I will!

    ananyah: Funny guy! Thanks, I like the color too! I take pictures of some poeple! not all!

    Amu: It looks hotter without!

    Pocket Full of Sunshine: Thank you!

    Ansam: Thanks! looool!

    jewaira: I like that shot too! He just seems like a happy guy!

    K: there you go!

    Jacqui: They do a great job! You should take it there!

    Laialy: I would take it to Al Falah, they really know how to treat a car!

    Arabian Lady: thanks!

    G-Funk: yup

    zahed: ABNE

    Stallion: same here!

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