Flytech Bladestar

R/C Helicopters are always fun, tried one recently but I seemed to crash into people and walls a lot. WowWee who are the makers of Robosapien have come up with the perfect helicopter for fun indoors. The Flytech Bladester has a 12 inch wingspan and sensors, once you get it up in the air it moves way from walls, ceilings, objects, and other things which might stop it from flying. It can stay hovering in its spot without any control from a person, if you get to close it hovers away based on its sensors. I would want to try this out sooner rather then later, it looks like it would be a lot of fun.

Price: $90

Link: WowWee

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  1. My boss plays with his toy helicopter at work… it keeps crashing into things and well.. us… so Maybe I will tell the office people to get him something like this so he won’t torture us anymore lool…

  2. There is a gadget shop near my apartment and I always find those things in it hahaha they are cool!

  3. Hamitaf: hahaha! That will do!

    ananyah: This is really cool! Check it out!

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