Forcefield Limb Tube Armor

Having the right protection when riding is essential for your long term health. A life threatening injury can be reduced to a bruise or a recoverable broken bone just by having the right type of protection. Those who ride without any protection are putting themselves at risk thinking that nothing will really happen. Minimizing that risk even if its a small amount is the main reason to be wearing this kind of armor.

Going into the product itself, Forcefield are known to be one the best manufacturers of rider protection in the market. I picked up their Limb Tube Armor for my knees since the Alpinestars I had felt very uncomfortable around my knees and would get itchy after a while.

The design of the armor itself is very smart, you slip it on like a sock so it is around your knee the whole time. It does move around slightly when you are walking but you can strap it even tighter to make sure that doesn’t happen, but I prefer to use it without the strap since the back of my knee might get itchy. Right now it I wear it everytime and I have gotten used to its comfort around my knees.

The protection is made from an impact resistant honeycomb design which spreads the impact so that your knee takes the least amount of damage. The protection is from above your knee, half way down your shin and it fits snugly on to you. The is one of the highest quality armor I have seen used and it is well worth it.

Price: £45

Link: Forcefield


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  1. DeReD

    Too much dust to go riding Zouq!

    How come u dont have a harley?

    Im thinking of one..

  2. Its good the way u think coz wayid ppl ma ylbsoon shay to protect them..a7is that’s tifiilsif

  3. Ooooooooh showing off some leg are we? :P

  4. I see hairy legs :P

    but yes its good that you wear the right protection, i’ve seen so many bike accidents and its scary!

  5. I want to see u walk around with this lol

    but I’m happy you wear protection, it’s very professional of you

  6. DeReD: I will keep trying! I like bikes were are agile and swift, harleys a good bikes but not for my tastes.

    Laialy: mashkoora!

    noonie: Its really not worth not wearing it!

    vampire: I will get you one on my next trip!

    Jacqui: looool! Maybe!

    ananyah: yeah hairy! I have been in two, and they hurt!

    pearls: I do walk around in them! I feel like robocop, I can take a beating! loool!

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