Down & Dirty in Shuweikh

At 5:50 am it looked dustier outside then it was at night, I was wide awake since I passed out early the day before. Got a call from Monichum at 6:34 am, we couldn’t ride but we wanted to do something. We were wondering what was open at the time, he ask me if I wanted to eat breakfast. Where to go was the question on my mind, he suggested somewhere in Shuweikh.

Monichum’s statement, “Its not the cleanest place but you are going to love it, just let me order and don’t make any sudden movements”

Drove over and picked up Monichum who took two showers for some reason. We headed towards Canada Dry Street since we were on the way to Cafeteria Shuweikh which is right on Canada Dry street. Their opening hours are from 5:00 am to 12:00 am everyday which is insane, they are open longer then any Starbucks.

The place is a lot cleaner then I expected, but it is close the living quarters of the street cleaners. There was the odd person here and there, but everyone who was there knew exactly what they wanted. We stood out because we were wearing jeans, and I was carrying a huge camera and snapping away. They asked me if I worked for a newspaper or a magazine, or if it was like a instant camera like a “Bolaroid”. They were very nice about all the pictures I was taking, and they told me to take a picture of the kitchen. The owner came out and told us that he won’t offer us free food for a good review and started laughing. The atmosphere is very nice, the food is really good, I loved the fatayer and zaatar. What a start to a funny morning, and then there was a few hardware places that I wanted to go to, things just kept on adding up from there.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Shuweikh is one the places I refuse to go in Kuwait but I won’t deny that there’s a certain charm in it. I used to love to go there and shop at a place called ICE. Romantics (a furniture store) used to be my favorite.

  2. Please tell me that it is not your first time going to “fa6ayer showaikh” ? , ako a77ad kuwaiti may3arif fa6ayer el showaikh ?

    mo Kuwaiti 3ayal int ? :-p

  3. Pizzaaaaaaa… oo a7la shay ina my mom has that same little flash disk thingy lol she loves it..

  4. What G-Funk said. You should receive an award for being the first blogger to post about them though :P

  5. Purgatory

    how was your stomach after ;p?

  6. xeonali

    they have the best ” la7ma b-3ajeen ” aka fa6ayir la7am in the world ! you can eat five of those without feeling full ..

    by reviewing this place .. i think mark should be jealous of u ..

  7. Places like those alway serve the yummiest food!

  8. marzouq, where is the link to register my nick in here?
    cant find it anywhere.
    and the place looks clean.

  9. I went with my bro once, I loved their fatayers!

  10. pink

    LOL ur friend took 2 showers? he is married ?:P
    check out fatayer ilfai7a AMAZING

  11. whatever

    I never heard of this place before. I’ll try it sometime.

    Gfungus, I’m sure you stink if that’s ur usual place =)

  12. Zahed

    they have the best fa6atyer za3tar try it.

  13. Q80 In Denver

    Marzouq Are you serious? you don’t know FA6AYER SHWAI’7 !!?

    I’m surprised :p A7la Fa6ayer La7am I have ever tasted!


  14. Don’t read this comment if you were about to eat sth. I don’t order fatayer anymore when I’m at work. I always find hair in my food or hair has its own way of finding me!

  15. Angelo: Ur kidding me! I love Shuweikha and Hawally, you can always find deals there! That is why I always go!

    G-Funk: I order from there for work and friends but never went there! loool!

    Swair: looool!

    3baid: I post about everything! lol

    Purg: perfectly fine!

    xeonali: I agree 100%, they tasted damn good! hahaha! Don’t think he needs to be!

    pearls: its good!

    Jacqui: Its good! No girls probably go there, but ordering is good!

    LaLa: seriously!

    Kodder: Register your nick for what? It was pretty clean!

    Enigma: Same here!

    pink: not married! I will check it out!

    whatever: looool

    Zahed: will do!

    Laialy: The Laham bil Ajeen was better!

    Q80 In Denver: hahaha! I have ordered from them but not been there!

    pearls: looooool!

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