Up early Friday morning we just kept on going from place to place, at around 10:45am we went to Abyatt to find out that they don’t open on Friday, so we went across the road to Platform to find that they are open from 7 am to 9 pm every day.

We were the only four people in all of the warehouse, it reminded of home depot in the states. Nothing fancy, just everything you are looking for in an organized fashion. We took a cart, both me and K had somethings we wanted to pick up for our homes and a few wiring issues that we have been looking into.

First off I have to say that the staff at Platform are the friendliest and most helpful staff I have seen. I bought a completely new tool box for my house as well as new tools since everything we had was over 20 years old and brittle. I told them I want simple items for the home, nothing fancy but all American made tools which last. They had two brands that I kept taking for the my tools which were Stanley and Bosch. Both are very good brands and I already use some Stanley tools when working on my bikes for the past two years, they still look like new. So I knew Stanley is a good brand and I think they had every Stanely tool available. Then I needed a new ladder for the house, the one we have is really flimsy and old, we tried using it the other and a step broke while I was going up, so I had to find a replacement and they had a nice selection.

We also picked up some electrical items to equip some items outdoor and they had the perfect enclosure for them as well the supplemental items. The best part was the selection of tools, couldn’t get enough of them. Then there is the home materials which is good for a Do It Yourself type person, but its fantastic to see places like this in Kuwait. They weren’t even too peeved about us talking a million pictures of the whole place. We were like kids in a toy store, we wanted to try everything and picking up everything, it was great that nobody else was there.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. thats insane it look exactly like a home depot I mean even the colors!!!

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Is that da3aam looks like him :> nice body structure

  3. Where is this place :) I have too go i need hell of tools *eyes Glowing*

    Now I never heard of abyatt. Can you please tell me the direction?


  4. IS-F Man (ALD)

    your face is da3aam, Alpha Lama Delta

  5. I like to spend my time shopping in such stores! Shuwaikh is pretty interesting area!

  6. Laialy: Kuwait Home Depot!

    Corolla Man: loool!

    3baid: yup!

    pearls: really? I love the place!

    G: Right behind BMW, at the other side of the same land plot! Can’t miss it!

    IS-F: Long time no see buddy!

    Ansam: It is very nice!

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