Review: Awake

Hayden Christensen pulls of this role perfectly, an heir to a multi-billion dollar family fortune with his mother in New York, but the one fault he has is a weak heart. He leads a tough life of a powerful business man still living with his mother who is equally powerful and sly. Hayden is faced with an issue and realizes that he has to have a heart transplant and they have found the perfect donor after a year and a half on the list. While this is going on Hayden has been romantically involved with Jessica Alba for sometime but he only has to admit this to his mother which is a harder task then could be expected. Before going for his surgery, he admits it to his mother that he is in love with her as well as wanting to get engaged to her. The surgery is about to go underway, when he is put under he is still aware of whats going on but unable to move. The pace picks up and each actor plays their role perfectly, it was a good movie to start but just kept on getting better and better. Pieces come together towards the end and you are shocked to what was originally thought out. A very good movie which throws an unexpected twist towards the end, and there is a part which makes is a bit difficult to watch the screen but you still do.

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  1. You know whats funny… everyone who’s seen this movie says its amazing… but reviews on the internet and those movie people on t.v say it was awful.. the acting was crap etc.. etc…
    I want to see it… I loved the idea of the story… screw those critics.. they don’t like anything…!!

  2. I actually like the storyline (a first for Alba) .. I usually mute her movies and let them play in the background.

  3. I thought its amazing i would give it 4/5 too, there is something missing in it, however it was very touching! and unexpectable. My sister thought its too short I on the other hand thought it cut to the chaise which is very practical :D but I wouldn’t give it a 5, there is something missing! what i dont know

  4. ?

    Hmmm. I think I’ll download this one. Looks like an interesting storyline.
    But then again, as k said, it’s Jessica Alba. Who really needs a storyline?

  5. Tartooob

    Amazing movie, You gotta watch it if you didn’t !

  6. I just saw it last night!!
    well to me it was boring, until one specific scene which for it and for it only I thought it was worth watching!! his acting was so dull, the awake guy! and Alba! failed in some scenes! an the very very last part, was just like “are you kidding!?!” but at least it wasn’t a complete waste!

  7. i really liked this movie

    i did cringe a lot while watching it
    but its real good!

  8. Hamitaf: I never listen to critics, they are picky bastards!

    K: looool!

    Q80-ChillGirl: It got to the point with the right build up, there was something missing but still very good movie!

    ?: loooool!

    pearls: yup!

    Tartoob: yup!

    Someday: really, I thought it was good!

    eshda3wa: Same here, there were some parts which got you on your toes!

  9. just watched it last night and I didn’t like Hayden’s acting. I loved the romantic scenes but the ending was so predictable

  10. Thank you for giving me something to watch! I’m OD’d on anime at the moment! A good movie is a nice break.

  11. pearls: Really? I thought it was different!

    N: I know what you mean, but it only takes me a few days to get back into it! hahaha

  12. Rosa H

    I love this film,i almost cried at the end.
    hayden i think is really great in it,you really feel sorry for him.I was shocked about jessica Alba’s character though.This is def worth watching if you havent already.

  13. Rosa H: Yup, it has a nice twist at the end!

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