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Review: Awake

Hayden Christensen pulls of this role perfectly, an heir to a multi-billion dollar family fortune with his mother in New York, but the one fault he has is a weak heart. He leads a tough life of a powerful business man still living with his mother who is equally powerful and sly. Hayden is faced with an issue and realizes that he has to have a heart transplant and they have found the perfect donor after a year and a half on the list. While this is going on Hayden has been romantically involved with Jessica Alba for sometime but he only has to admit this to his mother which is a harder task then could be expected. Before going for his surgery, he admits it to his mother that he is in love with her as well as wanting to get engaged to her. The surgery is about to go underway, when he is put under he is still aware of whats going on but unable to move. The pace picks up and each actor plays their role perfectly, it was a good movie to start but just kept on getting better and better. Pieces come together towards the end and you are shocked to what was originally thought out. A very good movie which throws an unexpected twist towards the end, and there is a part which makes is a bit difficult to watch the screen but you still do.

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