Al Falah Car Wash Detailing!

Within 36 hours I got a phone call from Falah Car Wash telling me that my car was ready. I was honestly excited to pick up the car but I delayed it from Friday to Saturday due to the insane dust storm, I just wanted to enjoy the car being clean for one day before getting all dusty again. I have heard from friends of the quality of work of their detailing, I have already tried their was and it is fantastic, so I had high expectations from their detailing department.

A friend picked me up since he was heading in the direction of the city, I just told him to drop me off, didn’t need him waiting for me. When I got there it wasn’t too packed which is great, I walked straight to the cashier, my bill was 55 KD for detailing and wax, they also have paint protection but I didn’t want that option since I wanted to bring back the car to them in a few weeks or max two months. They have a two car fully enclosed garage for detailing, which is fully A/C with a filter system to keep the dusty/dirty air out and to keep the air inside clean.

After paying for the bill I went straight to my car, and I was simply speechless. I was smiling like an idiot the whole time, it looked amazing. They showed me the before and after of the interior, and that is what I kept hearing about. I was completely shocked by the color of the leather before, and after, it seems that from usage the color change to light-dark grey, and after the detailing it was so clean it extremely light grey as it was before. I just forgot what the original color was, they left me at a loss for words, after showing me the old patch, it took 10 minutes to clean that spot and make it perfect as the rest of the car. There was a moment between man and machine, and I knew that I have should have done this long ago and I will be doing this more often. They even had another vehicle next to me which was spick and spam, clean as whistle, even their detailing area is well kept.

For any person looking for detailing or to bring their vehicle back to life, then this is place to go. I was hoping that the car can look like this everyday, too bad its so damn dusty these days. The contact person is Krishna and his mobile number is 5084003.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I am going in next week .. adding a layer of protective coating before the summer sets in.

  2. WOW! this is sooooo clean.. i can see your reflection on some pics, I’m staring at the screen not believing my eyes how clean it is and expecting to see my reflection too through the screen on the car .. LOOOL ;p

  3. MK


    i want to wash my car inside out + do original paint + protective coating.
    where is the best place to go for that? and

    Its a Lancer Mitsubishi

  4. jewaira

    Mashallah your baby looks brand new. Great job

  5. Coool, going to try and take the Z4 but wont be in the country until like late may

  6. damn,, it looks gorgeous,, i hate it though :P~

  7. mashalla the car looks very nice, i’d suggest some carbon fiber touches for the interior to make it even better.

  8. Halicy

    Amazing job.. i wanted to take my car to Britesh center or zibart, but if you think al falah would do it better than ill check it out.
    what abt the paint protection?? is it that good?

  9. Looking good… I like how they left that patch for you to compare! Smart

  10. They are most definitely teh awsomesauce !

  11. mashalla mashalla it looks amazing … also i spy with my little eye that seal (ja’laad) they put on the hood of the car so that flying rocks don’t scratch it, am i right?

  12. IS-F Man (ALD)

    hahaha Krishna cooks a mean steak, good old days at the chalet :P

  13. sfsa78

    So where exactly is this place?? Haven’t seen it before.

  14. My Land Cruiser is there now getting detailed! Can’t wait to come back and see the difference!

  15. Marzouq,
    The photos with the open door are just begging me….

    saying please take me for a drive :P

    يعطيك خيرها و يكافيك شرها

  16. Take my car and make it new please :(

  17. K: Good idea!

    Purplecious: Seriously! loool! They did an amazing job!

    MK: Go to Al Falah Car Wash, price ranges from 50 KD to 75 KD depending on the car and the options! Well worth it!

    jewaira: Fantastic job, Thanks! :)

    Mark: You should!

    vampire: looool

    mraziz: I will be adding some carbon fiber for sure!

    ananyah: Very!

    Halicy: Alah Falah is even better, they have been doing a great job with each car, paint protection is very good, but I wanted just wax, next time paint protection!

    Ansam: Same here!

    KTPD: looool! I agree!

    Laialy: Exactly, its body protection, very nice!

    IS-F Man: hahaha! ya ta3baan!

    sfsa78: On Al Soor Street! In Kuwait City!

    Stallion: You need to get rid of the indoor animals! loool!

    Marzouq: Mashkoora! hehe! It has finger print recognition, me and only me! lol

    Jacqui: U want, I can arrange it!

  18. I got my car back and it was extremely clean but the Car Wash got my fuse boxes all wet! Now driving at night is an adventure cause my tail lights don’t work and I have no lights on the interior so I have to rely on the 120km/h speed beeps to tell me if I am speeding! My key less entry failed as well and that was fixed by drying the circuit box properly. As for the animals, well I want to take them out for the summer but I can’t find water proof seat covers and I don’t want to get my seats covered in leather!

  19. Stallion: U must rid yourself of the animals, I think you had to really shut the electronic parts to get it cleaned right. They clean my car fine without any electrical issues!

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