1. mocman

    Jack is gay

  2. Not Dead Yet

    Don’t let Jack Bauer hear u say that mocman

  3. I stopped watching after season 4 :/

  4. those greedy writers! :P

    3ad el mafrooth these days are torwards the end of the season, the most exciting of all

    the start of the season is 9 months from now
    a baby could be conceived and born by then!

  5. Eddy

    wasnt there also going to be some sort of 24 movie coming out??

  6. Kim

    Jack Bauer is awesome. All you haters out there (mocman), please confront Jack Bauer with your concerns so I can watch him kick your asses :)

  7. How long are they going to keep going :P

  8. maryam

    still haven’t watched season 6!!! so i guess I have time :)

  9. mocman: You shall burn!

    Ansam: Me too!

    NotDeadYet: He is in his targets!

    3baid: Continue!!!!!

    Yazeed: I agree! So long!!!!

    Laialy: You shall suffer!

    Eddy: I thought a two hour movie was coming out but nothing was in the works!

    Kim: EXACTLY!!!!

    G: Forever!

    maryam: Start Watching!

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