Abyatt vs. Ace Hardware vs. Platform

Recently in Kuwait there have been many hardware stores opening, which I think is a great thing. We have lots of choice for all our hardware needs as well as a different selection. Abyatt and Platform coincidentally opened right across from each other, Ace Hardware is still a bit on their own. I’m not sure if there are any more major Hardware stores of this type that are going to open, but I am really happy with the selection available. We went in one day to all three Hardware Stores to see what the difference was in service, materials and other details.


  • Water Pumps and Piping
  • Gardening
  • Bathroom Items (Large Selection)
  • Bathtubs and Showers
  • Doors
  • Large Selection of Paints and Painting Equipment
  • Some Electrical
  • Price is reasonable for some items but high in others
  • Great organization
  • Lots of raw materials for building
  • Helpful staff
  • There is a rewards program and if you buy from them you do save in bulk.


  • Huge selection of tools (Car, Home, Electrical, and more)
  • Very high quality tools
  • Electrical selection is very large such as outdoor connections, cabling, and more
  • Some selection of raw materials for homes
  • Very organized
  • Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff
  • Prices are very reasonable
  • Open 7 am to 9 pm Everyday (Fantastic)

Ace Hardware

  • Vehicle tools
  • Vehicle liquids
  • Camping equipment
  • Some garage equipment
  • Large selection of odd items such as grills, and other things
  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent Staff
  • Huge electrical selection Electrical items for every kind of converter and wiring

All of them have their positive parts, and Platform and Abyatt are similar but they also differ with their items. Ace Hardware will take a hit from them, but it still has its niche market. If you are the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type of guy then you will love Abyatt and Platform. I’m very happy that they are both around, and their location is very accessible in Shuweikh.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Whoa! a do-it-yourself-kind-of-guy I am not, not all DIY’ers are GUYS, but oh, how I love hardware stores and DIY projects! Great info, thnx.

  2. I love hardware stores… I can spend long time just walking around those stores. I am DIY kinda gal :-P well… most of the time!

  3. Ace Hardware has a ton of stuff that neither Abyatt nor Platform have. It doesn’t really compete with them, yeah Ace sells hardware and paints but so does Sultan Center and True Values. Ace shouldn’t be compared to Abyatt and Platform.

  4. Corolla Man (AE86)

    What about Bin nisif thay are one of the oldest, they have great stuff. I was looking for a small screw that was lost when I got my suspension from customs thay opened it and did not put all the parts, and found it over there

  5. Intlxpatr: looool! No prob!

    Ansam: looool! U can check them out!

    Mark: Just has some stuff in it, I wanted to give another idea for it!

    CorollaMan: I will be checking that place out completely!

  6. Where are they located exactly? I know where ace is, but not sure about the other two.

  7. N: Right behind BMW, on that road, you can’t miss it! Its huge!

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