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Hibernation Time

You know when you have those headaches that just won’t go away is a way for your body to tell you that something is wrong. I have been having major headaches for the past two days, that were keeping me from functioning normally. I know that this is a result from my lack of sleep, and I have tried taking a few Tylenol extras but that did nothing for me.

Tuesday night I slept from 6pm to about 8:45pm and I only woke up at different periods to my niece grabbing by big toe and walking away, or walking up to me and grabbing my nose. She is about a year a bit now, and she adorable, so every time she did that I couldn’t help but smile and go back to sleep. I was exhausted but I loved that she enjoys walking into my room, she likes messing around with things.

Then Wednesday night was something else, I wanted to go to cousin’s Dewaneya but I was completely exhausted with a major headache. I thought I would take an hour nap and go from there, I slept at 7:15pm and woke up at 11:03pm. I don’t seem to be able to take short naps, I just sleep like there is no tomorrow.