Review: Phillips VOIP 841

I have been using this phone for a few weeks now and I used every feature it has. I tend to make a lot of phone calls to the US and UK, and some of those phone calls last over an hour. When talking to technical service of some kind you stay on hold for the longest time. The best solution for my needs was Skype, but the most annoying part for me about using Skype is having to use the computer.

A basic breakdown of Skype, its an internet based solution for Skype to Skype calls, and Skype to Normal Lines call. With the normal lines you have to pay a very small fee, and with a dedicated land line number in the US which is a one time fee. Now Skype offers Unlimited World Calls and Unlimited Country calls for a small fee as well. But I’m not here to review Skype but this Phillips Voip Phone.


  • All your contacts integrate from Skype when you login, any changes to Skype contacts online will be reflected on the phone
  • Very good quality of sound with Skype, good quality with land line, I was surprised that land line quality was worse then the Skype. Some people thought I was calling from within the US
  • Very good battery life lasted a couple of days on standby, and a couple of hours of talk time
  • Good with conference calls
  • No dropped calls with all my calls lasting over 30 minutes
  • Very loud speaker
  • Works with headsets
  • Reasonable Price


  • The phone design is nice but after long use it isn’t the most comfortable in your hand
  • No Volume Control
  • No manual and bad Phillips Support (Lots of Online Support from Forums)

Overall I think it is a fantastic purchase, and if anyone is looking for a Skype solution then this is your phone, better then any solution I have seen yet.

Price: $120

Link: Amazon


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. VOIP calls are illegal in Kuwait. I have heard of instances where expats who have used their PC’s to make international calls over internet being called by the ministry and threatened with deportation. Will this phone come outside the perview of this rule? BTW which SIM do you use for this mobile … you local zain or Wataniya one or is it supplied by Skype??

  2. lfc-q8

    u should try fring for mobile

  3. This is nice, you dont stop to amaze me with your accurate reviews. ^^

    But have you tried the skype mobile it only uses wifi. It is nice I am gonna get one ^^

  4. U2

    Using it for last 6 months, no issues not complains!Only thing I hate is that there is no volume control… Beside that, it is one of the best Skype VoIP Set….

  5. So you basically bought this phone just to be able to use skype while you are away from the computer? I thought this phone can help you to talk internationally without skype, like vonage.

    And what’s that about skype having unlimited international phone calls for a small fee? I couldn’t find that.

  6. hohooo

    how did you bring it to kuwait? AFAK VoIP is illegal in kuwait.

  7. delal

    why don’t use iPhone or iMate for skype!
    all u need to do is install the app and u r ready to go
    really convenient, n works !

  8. Sweet.

    I was looking for something like this.

  9. Wait a sec…

    My PSP does have the Skype feature. Does that mean I can make long distance calls for free?

  10. We got Vonage a few day a go, and it’s pretty nice but it doesn’t need any phone all we had to do it just hook up its modem

  11. I use Vonage too , Had it for 5 years now and its been great. I can get which ever phone I want and just hook it up to its converter . plans start from $14.99 or so. you can even have virtual numbers anywhere in the world and even get a 1-800 number.

  12. lfc-q8: Not my thing!

    G: I tried it, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted a land line connection and having it being wireless normally. The wireless affects the quality of sound, this is better. The 1st Gen wireless Skype phones still need some work.

    U2: Same here, but great Skype phone!

    Salah: It uses skype for all international calls, if you go to you can find it in the shop, international calls for nothing.

    hohoo: They didn’t stop it, Voip is illegal but 50% of all ministries use it illegally as well.

    delal: They aren’t permenantly on, and the quality of the call is reduced due to the capability of the phone rather then the connection, with this I get really good quality.

    Amjad: It will do the job!

    Angelo: yup, completely, for a one year fee!

    Laialy: skype doesn’t need anything just a computer, but I wanted to operate it without a computer and this was the solution!

    G-Funk: Same here, but it depends what you use it for. I checked out Vonage and Skype fit more my type of usage!

  13. Ouch no volume control.. good review none the less.

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