Jack & Apple

For the longest time I was content with all the other MP3 players I have had such as the iRivers and Cowoons, currently I’m very happy with my iRiver. But after seeing this I have to have my iPod touch. I don’t care for Apple, but this is an amazing etching of Jack Bauer. I think I might not even use it, just to keep it in its case. They have come out with a lot of cool products for 24. I am very much contemplating purchasing this product.

There is not question that I will be getting these t-shirts. There are three different T-shirts and I want to get all of them.

Link: FoxShop

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  1. LooooooooL, that last shirt is pretty hilarious … there is actually a song that goes something like this: guns don’t kill people, rappers do

  2. Nice case. What online store sells it? Do you know? Thanks for the post though.

  3. That’s the only way they will get you to buy anything from Apple ha? :P Collaborate with 24 :P

  4. if I see a guy wearing one of these shirts i’ll know its u..

  5. Laialy: loool! It is a funny tshirt!

    brightlights: The link is right there at Fox!

    Yazeed: 7ada!

    Jacqui: Seriously, they caught me!

    LaLa: I will ear it on my bike!

  6. Thanks Marzouq I saw it, but it doesnt seem to take me anywhere when I click on it. Thanks anyway!

  7. brightlightz: Sorry about that! Fixed! Now Click away and order your 24 products!

  8. loooooooooooooool! The tshirts are insane!

  9. Hmm, I guess now I can leu you into buying apple products and have you make the big leap, the magic word would be ” Jack Bauer ” :-)

  10. I bet that iPod was a little bit “orgasmic” for you Marzouq :P

  11. N: Very much cool!

    G-Funk: Jack Bauer is the magic word!

    Angelo: very much so!

    G-Funk: looool! I will post when I buy it! hahaha

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