192 GB and counting

I’m on a ridiculous downloading spree, I have spent weeks reorganizing my files and moving things around. Now that I do have some I plan to take full advantage of it. Very soon I shall have one combined network with a load balancer and link aggregator, so I just have to set the policies of the network device and I am good to go.

I am downloading a total of 192 GB right now, and its a combination of 720 p Movies and full anime series that I am missing or looking for. The list can grow a lot faster, but I just want to see how long this will take for my connection to digest, my top speed is 480 Kbps that I have seen but we shall see what happens when I combine the networks. The more space, the more downloads, and the cycle continues.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow .. nice job dude (Y) .. m3a enne mo fahem ya3ni sheno COMBINE THE NETWROKS .. mali eb hal details .. bs 7adda nice job :p ..

  2. Oh my God Marzoug. That appeals to me more than it seems it should since I am a girl LOL! You and me both, we are download junkies. My obsession is BBC and other various documentaries and music. You should see my music collection and I only will download music at 192kpbs or higher…its HUGE I have 5 external hard drives the largest being 1 terrabyte. We get free 3 mbps wireless at work and I try to dowanload there as much as possible since my connection at home is only 512 via Qnet.

  3. lol marzouq ur killing qualitynet hehehe,,, anyway thanx 4 the list just added a couple of downloads to my torrents , greek looks interesting, but the animes are insane i need to finish what i have to start DL new anime

  4. ditto: drooos^10 :)
    I’ve been following your excellent posts about Home Server.
    A few months ago, I set out on a quest in ibn Khaldoun street to gather components to assemble a suffeciently reliable home storage solution for all my digital content (family photos, vidoes, etc..). I was thinking of RAID5 SATA drives; I found an enclosure that can hold 5 SATA disks, but… when I went online I found better products, so I delayed that a little and ended up buying a pack of DVD-R disks for now thinking they’ll be suffecient (I’ll just create two copies of each disk and store them offsite/offhome ;)). I don’t care much for networking the storage since I’m pretty much the only user for it at home at this point.

    But after your blog post, I’m very interested in home server, since if I’m going to build a RAID, might as well have it on a good platform (I’m also considering freenas or whatever other products; but I’m not a linux guy, at least not since 1995 or so ;p). So, when I have time, I’ll be looking to build my own home server as well. I just can’t get myself to spend on the overpriced stuff being sold locally, and so might buy stuff from abroad when I travel or try ARAMEX? (My brother already uses ARAMEX; any advice?)

    Anyway, I’m very inerested in your “load balancer and link aggregator”. Are you using that for your Internet link? Which product/model specifically are you using and where did you buy them from?


  5. Forgot to mention, the DVD-R strategy didn’t quite fly, as I needed to combine and arrange a lot of the stuff first before burning them.
    A week ago, I saw the Western Digital MyBook ProII 2TB and couldn’t resist it. First found it for KD190, then KD185, then finally got one store to sell it for KD168 to me.

    I’ve set it to RAID1 mode (mirroring at %50 capacity of 1TB) as I’m a bit on the cautious side.
    At least now I can dump all my stuff on it and free up my valuable notebook HD space and other buffer mobile HDs. Then I can arrange the files and burn them to DVDs for proper/safe archiving/storage.
    But it will be nice to have a large networked storage for easy accessability.


  6. 8600GT

    132.7GB here in 25 days.RS baby!

  7. Marzoug,
    Can you please answer my questions above?
    About the link aggregator and load balancer.
    How are you utilizing them and which brand/models and from where?


  8. IS-F Man (ALD)

    by the way, Just saw the new Harold and Kumar movie, funny as hellllll

  9. Farhad

    Why are you firewalled? That’s cutting your download rate massively not to mention you’re not giving back by not seeding properly.

    Security concerns are rubbish as your a fish in the pond.

  10. s3od: Thanks, its just load balancing and link aggregation, basically faster over two networks!

    Ms. Baker: I know what you mean, but at home my connection is 10x faster then work and I control everything! I am always taking full advantage of my network!

    n: I have to take full advantage of my connection! Happy to help! I can’t help piling up more anime!

    N: loool!

    nbq: I’m using the netgear load balancer, for $261, I was looking at the peplink but the netgear has better reviews, the Linksys is crap. You should check the Infrant Ready NAS, the WHS is turning out very nicely, I am going to be posting more about it after the full expansion and network combination! Sorry I’m a bit slow answering sometimes!

    8600GT: 192 GB in 18 Days!!

    ISF Man: Sweet!

    Farhad: Its nothing really to be worried about, it really doesn’t have that much affect.

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