GPS Mail Logger

Now this is genius! The GPS Mail Logger is a GPS tracking device that can be mailed in an envelope, tracking the exact location, speed and altitude of your envelope, from the time it leaves you to the time it reaches the destination. It is expensive but if you really need to track something then this is key, I wonder how it gets through materials, vehicles, and buildings to send the signal. I also wonder if it is legal when the document or package is sent on a plane and if you can get the signal, I am really curious of it s capabilities.

Price: $695

Link: Security

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  1. 695$!!!! For that?! Hehe to track an envelope?! Now that’s expensive!

  2. There was a show once, where they had a camera in a package and sort of “viewed” the whole journey. It was quite a trip lol, got abused along the way a few times!

  3. moocherx

    I agree – as a user of GPS, even during a really bad sandstorm the signal disappears… so how’s it going to track through the body of the aircraft etc? Hmmm…

  4. I just realized how you can stalk someone with these. Find out where they parked their car, tape it somewhere hidden on the car and boom, you know where they are 24/7. Dangerous item I would think.

  5. John McKenna

    It’s not live. It logs the information. When the package arrives at the destination, you download the information to your computer and it gives you a dairy of events it recorded during the trip. A little tuff to stalk someone when the information is not live. However, I can locate you at anytime if your cell phone has GPS which most now have. I just ping your phone and it will give me your location when you answer. Now THAT’s stalking! OF course you have to work for NSA in order to have access to that information, or know someone who does. Paranoid? You should be!!

  6. Jacqui: Not just an envelope, everything!

    N: damn, that is true abuse!

    moocherx: that is true, so how does this really work!

    d: entertaining item, but i don’t think it works like that!

    John McKenna: Everybody is paranoid, if someone really wants to find you they can!

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