Hand Writing

During that training course it was the first time in a while that I was writing notes just so that I could remember the useful stuff. I was picking a few useful things that I could use at work, but I was writing it all down. When I was looking at my notes, I realized how horrible my hand writing was. I think one of the main reasons I liked computers so much is that it made writing that much easier and faster, and my hand writing was horrendous. If I take it easy, I could make it look nice but when I’m writing quickly it looks like squiggles of a grade 2 student doodling for his life. I like writing in my Moleskins and I try to keep it neat, but thank god for computers.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. if thats your handwriting i see its pretty GOOD … now you should always compare it to Doctors’ handwriting (now there is some real bad handwriting) :p

  2. Yeah that I was gonna mention too… compare it to doctors and pharmacists hand writing LOL

  3. Laialy: That isn’t my hand writing! I just picked a nice one! lol

    Ansamm: Thats true they do have bad handwriting!

  4. lol, I was about to say that the handwriting in the image is really really good!

  5. Sushi

    It has more character when its imperfect ;)

  6. I don’t remember your handwriting, send me an example so I can give you my 50 cents :P

  7. My hand writing is definitely readable but not as pretty as my Arabic. It seems you master connecting the letters while writing; I generally write my letters unconnected…which kinda sucks.

  8. Shaymaa: I agree but it isn’t mine!

    Sushi: lol, then I have LOTS of character!

    Jacqui: loooool! No!

    Angelo: I connect letters a bit but that isn’t my hand writing!

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