5 TB More

More Downloads, More Bandwidth, More Expansions, and More Hard Drives. I have needed to upgrade my InfrantNV+ Ready NAS for some time now since it has reached 96% capacity, I have just been using the hard drives on my main server. I’m going to have to rethink the roles of my NAS on my network once they are combined.

For the Infrant to recognize space, the four discs must be four of identical space, it will always take the lowest space of all the drives. If you have 3 x 1TB Drives and 1 400 GB drive, then it will assume all four drives are 400 GB for the sake of redundancy if you have X-Raid running.

I went to Hawally and found that they had the Western Digital 1 TB drives available which is my best choice for about 70 KD a piece, which is lower then the 91 KD I purchased the first couple of hard drives a few months back. The prices keep dropping so I picked up 5 Hard Drives, four the for the NAS and one for the Server. The process of upgrading the NAS Storage Space is a step by step process, so it takes sometime to change the space and retain the current data on it.

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  1. waaay shakelhoom 7ada eyshaweg… i wish i have this kind of storage. good luck with upgrading :)

  2. LoooL, at this point you seem to have a candy shop for HDs

  3. Every time I call the shops at hawalli they seem to be out of drives. Marzouq, leave something for us! :O

  4. I should get you to get me a 1TB HD or a half TB drive. Which would you suggest. I just need one so I stop deleting or shoving those files onto an External.

  5. Xisco

    I just don’t get it Marzouq why do you need all that HD capacity , just try my method “download->see->delete” :(

  6. This is just awesome! ..and the terabytes keep on rollin’…

  7. Bytes.. like heroin.. I know!

  8. master: thanks, never thought of storage as cute! lol

    Laialy: seriously, I love HDs!

    3baid: NEVER!! We are on the verge of an overdose!

    Jacqui: You can get the Maxtor, just be aware that the WDs have had problems recently!

    Xisco: No delete, I am building a large database, between a few of us we will be having the largest media database!

    Shaymaa: Aiming for a Petabyte!

    N: loooool!

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