Fashion in Carrefour

We were walking in Carrefour on Friday morning, and I was shocked to see this. I’m used to seeing this in the Emirates, and even in the Emirates some how Emirates women pull this off without the need for yogurt cups or other forms of support accessories. Seeing this in Kuwait just pushes the fashion statements even farther south, I just found out that some women use coke cans in their hair or under the covers which is even more shocking then the first time I found out about the yogurt cups, how high do they want to go? Someone needs to inform them that the raccoon eyes doesn’t look good either, and more make up doesn’t mean better, in their case it has formed into a colorful layer of cement.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. This in Carrefour is funny enough! LOL mo layeg!!!
    And guess what? I was in Shamiya Co-Op sometime ago and saw some mit7ajbas at one of the accessories stands… buying some kind of HUGE hair clips that look like flowers… when they left, my friend and I approached the lady and she told us that is the secret behind the look! Those huge HUGE flower clips under the 7ijab! Interesting!

  2. yeah i saw the flower clips
    oh my god they are enormous!


    wala yakseroon kha6re

  3. loooool la tefta7 el mwaje3 wa7da bel kuleya 9ma5ha 6weeeeel ,, shakelha t7e6 pringles ynrfzzz ;/

  4. She looks like one of those robe-wearing white mages.

  5. jewaira

    Heheh I love the way men are fascinated with the elongated head look.

    In the beginning, some guys I spoke to innocently thought that there was a bundle of long lustrous hair beneath the scarf and were very disappointed to know it was just accessories :P

  6. Heh it is truly gross :( I was at this accessory stand the other day and those big flower clips actually have different prices :P The biggest one was like 2.5KD!

  7. Srh

    a girl in one of my classes is a HUGE supporter of that look and for some reason she really likes sitting in front of me

    when do you predict this will fade out?

  8. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Last time i was at the avenues on a thursday I was under the impression that there was clown convention..

  9. Ha-ha hoo hoo, Z-ed!
    Cut them some slack, will ya ? Maybe it’s just all down to
    tribal ,err…ribald kitsch :)

  10. This is their idea of a realistic display ;p

    LOL i never went that far in carrefour, now im eagure to do so

  11. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Looking Goooooood

  12. Corolla Man (AE86)

    The tight ones look good very sexy, hidden treasures.

  13. mustafa

    do people but those clothes?

  14. Null

    I know off topic but can i just say its Emirati women not Emirates women =D =D

  15. zr1

    [..a girl in one of my classes is a HUGE supporter of that look and for some reason she really likes sitting in front of me

    when do you predict this will fade out?..]

    Funniest thing I have read today!!!! :D :-D

  16. i know right !? wai3..i wrote a post abt that too ! check it out ;D ;P

  17. marge simpson must feel really flattered!! lo!

  18. Ansam: That explains a lot! Didn’t think it was such huge business!

    eshda3wa: They need to be notified of how ugly it is!

    Laialy: good! lol

    Zuzu: I have no clue what they are doing!

    Angelo: hahaha! LOR!

    Jewaira: We are not facinated! We think its ugly and wondering why its spreading!

    Swair: yup

    Anood: It should be 25 KD to discourage them!

    Srh: I’m thinking another 5 years… like everything else..

    ISF: You should have given them some pie!

    drink peas & Wheeze: no excuse for ugly..

    Q80-ChillGirl: Roam the depths of Carrefour

    Corolla Man: NO!

    Hamitaf: very!

    Corolla Man: u idiot!

    mustafa: I have no clue!

    Null: yes, I agree.. Emirati women! Sorry!

    zr1: hahaha!

    noonie: will do!

    N: I doubt it! hahaha

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