Overdose on Rockband

It should be called battle of the bands, some of the guys are seriously damn good at it. They go online and battle other people and annihilate them. This weekend consisted of our upon our of Rock Band, with a Bass, Guitar, Drums, and Mic. We even have replacements for each member of the band to keep going and going and going. By the end of the night some people no longer can speak, some have muscle spasms, and some have blisters. I felt so tired, I fell asleep for about an hour and half, I woke to them still playing full force. This game is so damn addictive, its got people who never touched a joystick in their life playing this damn game nonstop and asking when we are going to join up to play again, next stage starting a real band.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i tried playing the other day and it was a sad sight … i have no eye hand coordination

  2. Oh oh rock band is amazing, I want to get one asap :)
    I tried it for a while it sure is fun and the drums are my favorite ^^

  3. What part do you usually take? singing? :-P

  4. Marzouq plays the Band Manager role .. its a hidden part of the game that gets unlocked after beating the game on expert.

  5. Purgatory

    More than a feeeeeeeeeeeeeling

  6. “So one, two, three
    Take my hand and come with me
    Because you look so fine
    And I really wanna make you mine”


  7. Laialy: looool!

    G: Funny thing is singing is what I’m good at!

    Ansam: yup!

    K: hahahahaha! I am now the back up back up singer, ager De3eya!

    Purg: loool!

    Angelo: I forgot about that!

    3baid: loooool!

    zombie: hahahaha! Some of the guys have gotten really really good!

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