Stop At Starbucks

Its getting hotter and hotter the past couple of weeks, its still the end of April. I was riding well into the end of May last year without breaking a sweat, but these days its even hot at 6 am. So this Saturday morning I decided to sleep in a bit before heading out for a few tasks.

I went from one part of Kuwait to the other, Shuweikh, Hawally, Miseela, Bida,a and back home. It was task after task, I even kept my car on a few times so that it wouldn’t heat up. I kept getting text messages from people who were out in the ocean, or swimming. I wanted to cool off so I stopped by Starbucks in Bida’a to get something cool to drink. Bida’a area seemed deserted since everyone was in the ocean, I parked right up front to get my drink and head out. I do love the raspberry farrappacino at Starbucks, it tastes damn good and the perfect remedy for the heat, cools you right off. Then to continue with the rest of the tasks of the day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. zahed

    zook are you sure there isnt anything going on between you and him

  2. that guy scares me! i went there once when they 1st opened and again like maybe 10 months ago and he instantly remembered me, my order and the time i came in and where i worked and everything.. YUMMA!

  3. What time were you there! ITS EMPTY! I wonder if it was really early in the morning when you were there! On another note, he…. the barista, really is happy to see you :-P

  4. jewaira

    What a nice cheerful smile

  5. Zabo0o6a

    with some cropping it would look like a a nice ad. for starbucks since most of the focus is on the drink , loved it ;)

  6. @Laialy

    It’s not that bad actually. It packs the 1/3 fewer amount of calories than your regular Frappuccino.

  7. Hehehehe too cheerful for my tastes :P I feel he might be a serial killer but in the end looks sweet enough :P

  8. K: lool!

    Chika: I know! It was early morning!

    pearls: Nice guy!

    zahed: nope, unlike you…

    Ms.D: looooooool! Now thats good business!

    Q80-ChillGirl: happy man!

    Ansam: Everybody is happy to see me, it was early saturday morning!

    jewaira: yes!

    Laialy: Don’t care! lol

    Zabo0o6a: thanks, I tried focusing on the drink!

    Angelo: great, good to know!

    Jacqui: hahaha! No, he is a nice guy!

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