Aramex Tracking?

I have had this issue for a few months now with Aramex, its not with their service but more with their website. Right now I’m waiting for the dual wan network balancer but its still stuck in customs, it just says delayed delivery with no specifics, its probably stuck in customs so I have to follow up on it myself or I won’t be seeing it anytime soon. The funny part is that whenever I get a delivery in the mailbox in the US, it registers it but then there is no update until it is out for delivery in Kuwait, but for the UK mailbox there are updates at every point. Now they just have to fix the updates for the US mailbox, and I have to get my items out of customs or I won’t be seeing it this week.

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  1. What I don’t like about their tracking system is how it shows the shipped items first, instead or arranging by date. if you want to check what just arrived, you have to choose ‘Packages currently in mailbox’.

  2. zahed


  3. Konchelski

    u shop we ship!!! ENOUGH SAID!!!!

  4. Don’t bother with the site. Just call and ask.

  5. K: That is one of the quirks!

    zahed: ummm no…

    Konchelski: interesting, a supporter..

    3baid: sometimes they get lost!

  6. Z

    Quick question guys.

    If im shipping to the states from kuwait through aramex, where does it actually go, i mean its not a direct flight from kuwait to the US… right? So, which countries does it stop to for reorganization and forwarding?

    I’ve had so many things get lost in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were stolen by the employees working with aramex and/or partners.

    (P.S. tried fedex, and dhl, which are very expensive, and things still get lost.)

  7. Hamed Shabaneh

    has there recently been a problem in tracking shipments online?

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