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My Software Line Up

With the help of a friend, some trial and error, and trying a few different programs. I have come up with a list of very good softwares that could be very useful to people. I can’t do without some of these since I use them on a daily basis.

Network Magic Pro

  • Really good network management tool, keeps you updated of any people that joined that you don’t know who they are. Keeping track of all machine information as well as connectivity, a really simple network management tool that I have found extremely useful in my needlessly complex network.

NOD 32

  • The Best Anti-virus available out there, keeps my PCs clean and it doesn’t feel like its there. Even when you uninstall it there is no trace of it and no problems occur because of that. How many of you face issues with McAffee, and Symantec? If you do then this AntiVirus will be heaven in comparison to those Anti-viruses

Extract Now

  • If you have to extract multiple zipped or rarred files then this is the program for you. Sometimes I have to un-rar a whole series or a couple of movies, if I go the usual way then my computer system will come to a halt, and I have to leave it until the resources are free or it will crash. Extract Now is your best friend, you add as many files are you want unzipped or unrared and it shall be done without a fuss.

Sync Toy 2.0

  • If you have too many folders in different locations and you want to synchronize the folders then this your solution. There are multiple ways to synchronize, one way, two way, or custom, this is a very small piece of software with very rich features. Its a fantastic way to keep things backed up at a different location without having a back-up software.


  • A simple ftp program with all the features needed to make it very useful.


  • Best Video player available, if all my other players can’t play it correctly then VLC can with CoreAVC codec.


  • For all my torrent needs, this does the job.

Yahoo Widgets

  • There are some very cool widgets available which are independently developed. The best one for me is the Infrant NV management widget, and then all the other ones. Its relatively light on the system and I like the way it looks.


  • A simple alarm clock with a very customizable alarm. The only thing that manages to wake me up in the early mornings.

Extact Audio Copy

  • For all my audio ripping needs, this finds the database and rips a very high quality mp3. I have the LAME MP3 codec installed which gets a very high quality version. It has helped archive many CDs that I have.


  • Does all your photoshoping needs without the need of Photoshop. It has 95% of all the features, but the program is very light and loads easily. The interface is very user friendly and my editing skills have improved because of this program.