Successful Cookies

We were gathered around the pans, trying to figure out the best way to make these cookies. Somebody through out the instructions and we were left with the cookie dough. As you can see, it was a successful attempt at making cookies.

5 guys gather around the pan trying to figure out the time, and 5 minutes in we were having arguments to pull the pan out and eat the damn thing. The smell was killing us, it smelt damn good even though we knew it wasn’t ready. Seeing five guys gathered at the oven window to watch the cookies cook is hilarious, but had good results. I think they were supposed to be kept for after dinner, but they were being eaten as they were being made, and some people burnt their lips try to eat a cookie fresh out of the oven.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I WANT ONE! – Ansam = Cookie Monster

  2. Cookies are tricky…you always have to subtract 3 minutes from what it says on the box…otherwise, they get burnt. Where these Nestle…Nestle is the best

  3. yummmmmmmmy but omg u guys are hilarious!

  4. zahed

    next time lets do a bake sale and name it ABNE sale

  5. Cookies should be kept in the oven for 10 minutes if you went them choowy on the inside, and 12 minutes if you want them not as soft! :)

  6. Looks delicious I think I need to drop in and hijack some cookies :P

    Wanna join me mimS?

  7. Zabo0o6a

    it looks yummy bel3afya , made from scratch?

  8. Did it “hit the spot”?

    because this is the Marzouq’ish measure of a successful eat or not ;p


  9. Kim

    A group of guys baking sounds hilarous. The cookies look good, I’m glad you all figured it out. At least you didn’t have to make the dough from scratch.

  10. jewaira

    You guys are so cute and SO talented ;)

  11. HAHAHA you guys are hilarious, you need a sister like me :p when my little bro has friends over he just asks for cupcakes and like a good sister i deliver :p

  12. Ansam: lol!

    q80saracen: I have no clue, I was just allowed to take pictures! lol

    ananyah: very funny site really!

    K: ohhh.. thats too much work! hahaha

    zahed: no… sij no..

    Sunshine: interesting, I have no clue how long we had it in there.. we just kept checking it! lol! Don’t think we have those either!

    Jacqui: looool! no

    Pearls: yup!

    zabo0o6a: alah e3afeech! No, we had the dough!

    rashisha: loool!

    eshda3wa: no clue! Its always spontaneous!

    Q80-ChillGirl: looool! alah e3afeech!

    Kim: There were some casualties! hahaha

    jewaira: I think it was pure luck! haha

    Laialy: We are very hands on with our food! loool

  13. Their look shows you that they have indeed won the war, but after a fierce battle.

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