Torrent Slow Down

I remember this tendency back in the day when I used to download a lot, my router would freeze up and I would need to restart. Now that the Buffalo is under pressure, anything that is connected to it remains connected, but nothing else can connect to the router via wired or wireless connection. I’m sustaining a constant download of 380 to 450 Kbps throughout the day, the ISP must hate me right now, this is going to last for at least another two weeks. I find it funny that the router can’t seem to handle this much consistent throughput.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. “my router would freeze”

    I hate it when that happens :/

  2. q8ya

    tha mac is very good for downloading and it handles pressure, it also does not get viruses just like a pc at first i did not believe it until i’ve tried it ;)

  3. DVLz

    what type of routers you guys using?

    “get viruses just like a pc” I think you mean Windows cause mac is also a pc its not a burger :D

  4. Dude ur screwing ur network too much LOL …. i can hear it screaming out in agony .. have some mercy on the poor router !!

  5. denisa

    umm so how did you fix it? im having the problem, when i start whatever torrent program, azureus or uTorrent, it just freezes, doesnt download anything and the whole connection just gets stuck. need to reboot, then the net works again… would be great to find a way to fix it somehow :)

  6. 3baid: same here!

    q8ya: ok..

    K: almost there…

    DVLz: Thomson, and Linksys, Consumer grade equipment just isn’t too good!

    whatsupbahrain: no… full throttle all the way!

    denisa: What kind of router do you have?

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