An 1190 CC bueaty that has been causing the people and press to be in awe of it. I have been reading review after review of this machine, and they all say the same thing. After four years in development, it seems KTM has gotten it right from the get go. A precise machine which is fun to ride and beautiful lines which makes it stand out from the crowd. I do like the the color scheme of KTM and they type of power they have with their V-Twins. In the words of many from the press “Comfortable as a Beemer, Rides like a Ducati”. I can only imagine how that feels, you know something is wrong when you dream about this machine.

Link: KTM

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hehe how could you not dream about it? Wow…

  2. i say get urself one and see how it feels

    i like all the colours

  3. in one of the magazines i picked up in london they had a 1098 vs RC8 comparison, i think it was in Two.

  4. lfc-q8

    when will tri star launch it?

  5. triStar will not bring it,, if anyone interested he can order it

  6. the front light looks like iron man thing

  7. Jewaira: loool! True!

    vampire: Don’t tempt me!

    Mark: Do you have the magazine? You should have it!!! Give it to me!

    lfc-q8: Sometime in May I think!

    vampire: 7a66ah?

    Salah: Ironman would fit well with this machine?

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