Duplicate MP3s

I think a lot of people at this point have very large amounts of MP3s, and since iPods have become so widespread every person has a large collection. I know a lot of people with more MP3s then myself and they do enjoy using iTunes. I for one detest iTunes because of what it does to your system, and even when you uninstall it, you can feel the damn thing still hanging on, but there are alternatives though. But this isn’t exactly about my dislike of iTunes, but a problem I am facing due to have stored my music in so many different locations over the years I now have duplicates of songs within folders, duplicate after duplicate, sometimes their are three of four versions of the same song just by going a few folders into it. I previously didn’t have a system of organizing but at this point I do have a system that works. My problem is with all the files of the past, and how you are supposed to clean them up.

I have found a lot of programs which find duplicates and present them to you to clean them up. There are so many I am confused as to which one to go with, and some of them have to be purchased yet I don’t even know how they good they are even with their features.

Different ways of searching these files are by filename, CRC32, and byte by byte. Some do these searches or have limited kinds, but I’m still confused as to which one to go with to help clean up my files.


Duplicate File Finder

List of Other Softwares

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  1. I organize my files before i even organize them on itunes ;) never have the problem of duplicates :)

  2. There’s only one answer to this age-old problem: you have to do it manually. And it’s a pain, I know :/

  3. Tartooob

    Whenever I download a song, I always rename it like this Artist – Song name and I only get mp3 , all my songs are like that organized, so there is no chance to find a duplicate one and I freaking hate iTunes, one of the most stupid programs I ever seen.

  4. iTunes is the best jukebox out there, I feel sorry for you people not being able to use it . it’s plain simple and straight to the point. Just make sure you delete the original downloaded MP3s once you import them to iTunes. or Back them up onto another drive

  5. get media monkey. it pwns, also get tag scanner. they’re both free and the isht.

    media monkey locates missing, duplicate, lost files and tag scanner. let’s you EASILY edit music tags so your music collection isn’t all dumb looking with like 400 songs of only the song title and no artist listed.

    btw: itunes finds duplicate files, but it’s a PITA to delete them….ctrl+left click FTL!

  6. marzouq, it’s off the topic, but can you tell me where i could buy a cover for my bike?

  7. I guess iTunes doesn’t bode well with PC computers in general. It’s a silky sail in my Macbook.

  8. Buckeye23: The mess built up over the years!

    3baid: There has to be some help at least!

    Tartoob: I agree, iTunes sucks!

    G-Funk: iTunes is horrible, some swear by it and some hate it, I’m in the latter group!

    gianne: I know about Media Monkey, but I haven’t had a chance to really mess it. The problem is that it takes so long to go through things. Going to give it another try!

    bbq8: Tristar has covers for bikes!

    Don Veto: Thanks a lot, its working great! Nice to see you around!

    Laialy: loooool!

    Angelo: true, but in PC world, that software is crap!

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