Enterprise Addiction

I kept hearing for a while that Star Trek Enterprise was a good show, and it was causing a lot of controversy. It was meant to be different the rest of the Star Treks, it depicts the beginning of Star Fleet and the development of human exploration. They have no rules to go by, but you can see the early stages of all the species that they will be encountering and later on forging alliances or becoming enemies, its really fun hearing the names and knowing in the future what their relationships will be with the different empires because of the past Star Treks.

I have been a huge Star Trek fan since Star Trek: The Next Generation, then followed by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which I thought wasn’t the best of the Star Treks. I always preferred them on ships, and then came Star Trek: Voyager which I loved. I was saddened to know that Enterprise was going to be the last of the Star Trek series, I hope that isn’t the case but that is what was announced. The show has four full seasons, and I am still on Season 1, I can’t seem to get enough of it, I am staying up late and watching any episodes all in my spare time, the show as allowed to finish its fourth season but canceled after that, I think thats a mistake but we shall see if anything develops after that.

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  1. Seasons 3 and 4 are absolutely amazing. Indeed, a major threats engulfs the galaxy, Earth and the timeline in Season #3 – it is a complete arc that lasts for the whole season and continuing in Season #4.

    Things pick up at the end of Season 2, I’m glad you are enjoying it, I have your later seasons ready when you are done with #2. There are many things to enjoy in the meantime however.

  2. It is a shame star trek has stopped … loved the last enterprise and patiently waiting for the new movie ….

  3. Not Dead Yet

    Forget Star Trek. The all-time numero uno space drama is and shall always be Battlestar Galactica! Don’t take my word for it, ask anyone who saw it, its frakin’ awesome!!!

  4. amer: I’m not watching the dvds, I’m watching the shows I downloaded and that I have! Thanks for giving me the breakdown, I’m really liking the show!

    whatsupbahrain: truely a shame!

    Not Dead Yet: I agree that its good, I’m just waiting for the right moment to start it!

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