Review: Ironman

This movie is everything it promised and more, I have been waiting over a year to see this movie and it was well worth it. I have been a fan of Ironman from the early 90s reading the Marvel comics, he was a superhero you feel you could reach since he was human and developed the technology to able to fight.

I was afraid when I heard Robert Downey Jr. was chosen as Tony Stark, in the comics Tony Stark was this genius who was also troubled, always trying to help and push himself to his limit, he is a solitary man with two lives. Robert Downey Jr. did an amazing job playing Tony Stark, he gave a certain flare to Tony’s darkness which I thought was excellent. The movie was executed perfectly, there was a perfect mix of special effects, it wasn’t overboard. The movie was perfect, you are satisfied with the movie and enjoyed it, but you are left wanting more. Stay after the credits there is a surprise which isn’t to be missed, can’t wait for the next Ironman.

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  1. Eddy

    I agree with u…it was a great movie…although it would have been better if there was a bit more action…i think im going to watch it again…just to see that scene at the end of the credits..:)

  2. I stayed after the credits in Cinescape theater (Mohallab 3) but didnt get the post credit sequence. It was terrible, as soon as the credits roll, they turn on the light and a dozen laborers run in and start hoovering and cleaning the seats.

    They always do this – they did this to other post credit sequences as well including X MEN 3.

  3. I just came back from your movie!!
    and by the way! it was so You!

  4. I almost got the chance to see it but circumstances prevented that from happening :/

  5. WOW. When was the last time u rated a movie as 5/5?! :P

  6. told you you’d love it! it was one amazing movie and OMG the after credits was HOT…. watch the incredible junk when it’s released on june 23rd (i think) for another secret message!

  7. i’m planning to watch in the cinema next week enshala

    all who watched it told me it’s the movie of 2008!!! “

  8. from a Die hard fan to another,

    IRONMAN is the best comic based movie of all time…..!!!

    and they plan at least another 2 films for it, another franch. for WARMACHINE, and the AVENGERS is waiting for CAPTAIN AMERICA, and THOR movies

  9. Q80 In Denver

    Great Movie! Funny, Great Action sequences and top notch special effects! Loved it! The perfect start for the summer! :)

  10. AMAZING movie i agree with ur review infact its so close to mine in flxter, i saw it yesterday it kept me allert all the time and i did not see my watch i was hooked to it FULLY, the sound track is FANTASTIC i will get it as well “since the movie is a great one to me ;p so its a collectable

    it is sooooooooooooo worth it

  11. Jewaira

    Sounds good

  12. Aliman

    was the movie cut or censored here in Kuwait?

  13. Aliman

    6 minutes only, the movie in yahoo 2hr6m ,, in kuwait 2hrs,, it barely effected the movie, there is a cut you will feel it but its not that bad

  14. I was so caught up with the finals so I missed it during the premier week. I’m gonna catch it this weekend Inshallah.

  15. Laialy: You will love it!

    Eddy: They are buildling it up for the next Ironman! I want to see it again, its so damn good!

    amer: That is just horrible that KNCC doesn’t really cater to the people that love movies!

    Someday: looool! I agree!

    3baid: Go see it! Screw the circumstances!

    Buckeye23: Not recently, go to it!

    Ananyah: I know, I want to see the Hulk soon as well!

    vampire: Exactly! Its movie of the year!

    EXzombie: I agree with you 100%! Those are going to be some really good movies!

    Q80 In Denver: Exactly! I hope all Marvel movies are this good!

    Ansam: Go see it!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Very worth it!!!

    Jewaira: Go see it!

    Aliman: one cut scene, not much!

    Angelo: You will enjoy it for sure!

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